Giggles: A Dictionary

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bigger n.
anything green and snotty that comes from the nose; coll.: “I need a tissue; I got a bigger.”

kerns n.
the round seeds that fall from oak trees; frequently eaten by squirrels and collected in pockets by little boys.

mulk n.
the white liquid poured over cereal and, occasionally, the couch.

nims n.
candy-coated chocolate that melts in your mouth and not in your hand (unless your name is Giggles, in which case it melts everywhere).

no adv.
one of two acceptable answers to any question or request; see also “why.”

rock star n.
anyone sporting a bubble-bath mohawk.

rysabeeze n.
rice and beans, eaten collectively.

spell v.
1. to sniff; coll.: “I spelled the yellow flowers.”   2. to turn over a full cup; coll.: “Uh-oh, you spelled your coffee, Mom.”

super-ridiculous adj.
the mightiest of taunts, guaranteed to make your sister retort, “I am noooooooooooooot!”

tways n.
things to play with, especially trains and trucks; coll.: “I think Baby needs some tways, Mom.”

why adv.
one of two acceptable answers to any question or request; see also “no.”

What’s your little one saying these days? Why is “no” such a powerful word for the toddler set? And are you a rock star??



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  1. Rose: Mama, when are we going to light the harmonica candles? (hannukah).

  2. Oh, how I adore this. Toddler says, “It’s raining. I need a borella!” I cannot bring myself to correct her. Growing up, my sisters and I said: mazagines, parsabom (the cheese) and my mom started saying the words like that too because she thought it was so endearing 🙂

  3. Even tho’ my kids are now big I still say “lum” and “ladder” for the body parts that help me breathe and hold in #1.

  4. Super-cute! We have lots of nims and biggers over here too. How did Mars co. Get away with that slogan for so long ? 🙂

  5. Stacia, this was super cute. I especially loved the one about “spelled”. Those are some ordinary moments you will certainly remember.

  6. We’re not to sentences yet, but…
    Blaylet= blanket. Ribbit= frog. Ribbit = lizard too. Wadder=water. Meeelk=milk. No. Self explanitory. Used often.

  7. This is a great list. My favorite is when my 5-year-old says “I MEED that!” I don’t correct him.

  8. So cute! We had “lo-grit” for breakfast for many years. Sadly, lo-grit no longer exists. So, so sad…

  9. My two year-old pronounces his own name as “Tom-ty” instead of “Tommy” and now the whole family calls him that.

    My almost five year-old likes to go to the movie “theodore.”

    Just a couple of my favorites! I loved your dictionary — inspires me to start writing down some of our vocabulary around here before I forget.

  10. Too cute! My guys have their own dictionary as well. My favourite: chickens are called ”bokkens’ in this house. Mr3 named them that, for the sound they make.

  11. So funny! No is the key word around here lately from 2 two yr olds!

  12. The mightiest of taunts! I’m probably going to borrow that for work tomorrow. Dictionaries are so useful!
    We’re in a hard-to-answer question phase.
    At this moment, Jack is asking: “What is science?” For the fifth time. I need a fifth answer…

  13. p.s. – he’s also saying Go Hogs! Woo, Pig Sooie!
    And it may or may not be just for you. 🙂

  14. This is such a sweet list! (And your writing style captures it so well.) We’re big “nims” fans here too, only my daughter calls them, “M-A-Nims.” (n) “Mama? What’s that smell? You eatin’ M-A-Nims? I like M-A-Nims. I have some?”

  15. This is hilarious! I can relate to mulk.

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