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Haiku Friday: A Cut Above the Rest

They spot it when the
Jeep first pulls off the paved road.
“That one, Pawpaw! There!”

Coats zipped, hats smooshed down,
Hands stuffed in mittens, they skip
To the chosen one.

They pause. They confer.
With heads tilted, eyes sharp, they
Examine each branch.

They grin, their faces
Twinkling like tufts of tinsel.
Yes, we have our tree.

What are your family’s holiday traditions? Have you decorated your tree yet? Do you go for real or artificial trees β€” and why?



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  1. A Haiku Friday on a Friday? My whole world is out of kilter!!

    Such a sweet one, Stacia. My fave line “their faces twinkling like tufts of tinsel”. You are just so talented. I would love a book of your Haikus beside my bed so they could be the last thing I read at night.

    And, yawn, here tonight, this one is the last thing I will read. x

  2. So, we’ve done it several different ways. When we lived near my father’s property we’d cut one of his mistletoe trees down. They had to get cut anyway and … we love the smell of it. Love the tromping and sweat.

    In the midwest we went to a tree farm complete with roasted chestnuts over an open fire. Really! And hot cider. Sweet place. Adorable people.

    Recently, because it is so important to my daughter that we don’t cut down a tree… we’ve had dead aspen branches. This sounds weird, but, actually, it’s been pretty lovely. And collecting them still provides that wonderful family tromp through the woods.

    This year we’re visiting my father days before christmas and the mistletoe is bad again…so it’s full circle for us I guess.

  3. As a kid, we seemed to alternate years b/w our artificial tree and a real one.

    When Joe and I first got married, we bought a fake tree and used it for years. But both of us really missed the whole “picking the tree” experience, not to mention the fresh scent of pine in the house. So lately we take the kids and pick out the perfect tree…so many memories, which I love!

  4. Sounds too easy! What about “but I like this one better!”, and then arguing over the better tree, then having the pride of your tree being chosen as the family one? πŸ™‚ Maybe in a few years…

  5. Ad a young girl, my father would order fruit cake from Collin Street Bakery in December. My whole family would sit around the breakfast table and eat fruitcake and drink Indian chai. I know it’s fruitcake, but we loved it.

  6. You know, I’m Canadian. Surrounded literally by luscious forests and great Christmas trees, and yet we have yet to indulge in such a treat with our kids. Christmas tree shopping. Until now we’ve just gone with the simplicity of our artificial tree. But next year I think a trip like this will be in order. Only ours is sure to be covered in snow!

  7. Today! A tree! I wish we went to cut it down, but no, we’ll just go get a cut tree.

  8. Well done!

    (and so sweet).

  9. What a sweet photograph. Makes me feel guilty that we went into our basement to get our Christmas tree this year. The same closet we get it every year…

  10. Um, I won’t talk about the lack of holiday spirit here. However, when we do put up a tree, we use this artificial one my aunt gave us. I wonder if it will actually go up this year?

  11. Very sweet. πŸ™‚ Lately, we have resorted to the “fake one with lights already on it.” I’ve turned into my parents. Maybe some day we will go back to the real ones… They are much more romantic.

  12. Very nice. I used to love picking out trees.

  13. I had a fake tree for years (since Christmas was never celebrated in my house while growing up, I didn’t really have a tradition of my own per se) until three years ago when we moved to our current place, literally a stone’s throw away from a fantastic nursery, so we could just pick a wonderful tree and walk it home – no fuss! But since then, I could never go back to the one from the box. Love how it makes the room smell. Ahh…it’s beginning to look and smell a lot like Christmas!

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