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December 15, 2010 at 5:00 am | Posted in Giggles | 26 Comments
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Giggles is three this week. Those chunky thighs, those pudgy cheeks — gone, all gone.

In their place, long, lanky legs and a little boy’s sweet face, with eyelashes for miles.

He loves his trains. And tractors. And trucks.

He loves to clomp through the house wearing princess heels. And sometimes a tutu.

He stuffs his pockets with acorns, rocks, and leaves. He carries around buckets and bags full of treasures: books, sticks, magnets, scraps of paper, pipe cleaners, cat toys, and anything else that strikes his fancy.

He knows his letters. “O” and “W” are his favorites. He can count to 20. Except sometimes he forgets 4.

He stutters a little when he’s excited, and he’s always excited. Snow! Squirrels! Pancakes! The moon! He’s a mobile exclamation mark.

He flat-out runs everywhere he goes. But he’s clumsy. So he wears a perpetual bruise on his forehead or his knee.

His laugh will melt your heart. So will his tears.

He’s having a tough time right now, wanting to be big and needing to stay little. He still needs his mom.

And she still needs him. She knows there will come a time when he won’t, at least as much.

But she will. Always, she will, even as she lets him go.



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  1. You always have the exact right words. I’m marveling at “He’s a mobile exclamation mark” and “wanting to be big and needing to stay little.” Happy Birthday to your Giggles!

  2. *sigh* That’s all I can think about lately; how much my 4 yr old talks and chatters and natters and sings and yells and I just want him to be quiet! And I know I’ll be wishing in 10 years that he’d talk to me like this.

    A very precious tribute to a sweet age and a sweet child.

  3. Oh I wanted to see a current picture. This one made me giggle too.

    My son inherited my very clumsy nature whilst my daughter is the picture of grace and athleticism. At least someone got her father’s genes.

  4. Very sweet :). Love your wording. Happy third birthday Giggles!

  5. Oh lord, he’s adorable. At any age. x

  6. That picture is so sweet 🙂 Happy birthday to your three year old!!

  7. Oh Giggles! Happy Birthday!!!
    This is a beautiful post Stacia… love it!

  8. Tears. Not exactly sure why. I think it’s just because I hear the love pouring so generously. Love turns me into a fountain.

  9. I want a current picture too.
    And, what a wonderful way to live: as a walking exclamation point.

    Happy birthday!

  10. What a scrumptious photo! I don’t know what I like more: the glasses at a jaunty angle or those thighs. (Oh, those thighs!) 🙂

    I felt in my gut the truth of your words about Giggles as they apply to my own three year old: “wanting to be big and needing to stay little.” As my older son gets ready to become the big brother of two, I forget far too easily that he is little more than a baby himself. Thanks for that reminder today.

  11. Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  12. Those star glasses on him are adorable.

  13. He is darling! (When he was a baby! Though I’m sure he is still darling.)

    Do his favorite letters have to do with his name, by chance?

    My little Emmy is also a walking exclamation point. Though hers come in forms of demands–cars! firetruck! apple juice! crackers! It’s somewhat exhausting.

  14. So unbelievably sweet. Isn’t it simply amazing how quickly they grow and evolve?

  15. Happy birthday! I love your last bits about love. Yes. Mama love isvawesome! Needing to be little and wishing to be big. Oh, yes.

  16. Three is a wonderful age. Loving this tribute to your sweet, growing boy.

  17. You can’t beat a “mobile exclamation mark.” Awesome. Happy three years to you both!

  18. Three! (Precious.) Well congrats to Giggles! (And don’t worry. Time flies, but it doesn’t really speed up until their tweens and teens. Plenty still to enjoy!)

  19. What a charmingly sweet post. The photo is priceless (love the thighs!). There is nothing like a three year old boy – so adorable and enthusiastic!

  20. GIggles is one giant smile! I love this photo. It makes me want to have another one (I don’t say that lightly). Happy Birthday!

  21. Oh, happy birthday to giggles. What a sweet post.

  22. Your little guy is adorable. I remember when Kate lost all her baby fat (Flora never had much to begin with) and when both of them turned into little girls instead of my babies! That’s why it’s kind of nice to have another baby (for now). I hope Giggles has a happy birthday!

  23. Lovely, lovely celebration of your little guy. Three is such a bittersweet age. Achingly sweet, but frustratingly independent. Being a mom to boys is so wonderfully conflicting, isn’t it?

  24. Happy three years to both of you – and oh, those chunky thighs!
    I love “walking explanation point.” And I know you aren’t kidding.

  25. Happy Birthday to Giggles! What a great photo!
    Three is a wonderful age. I hope you both have a wonderful year ahead!

  26. […] home. This house is full of pictures — the two of us, smiling; then the three of us, then four, then five — so this must be home. We are here. In every […]

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