Haiku Friday

December 31, 2010 at 3:18 pm | Posted in Bun, Family, Giggles, Haiku Friday, Lollipop | 9 Comments
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Haiku Friday: My Year in Review

This year I’m proud of
starting this blog to capture
All of the good stuff.

This year I’m proud of
Finding the strength to give birth
The way I wanted.

This year I’m proud of
Saying yes to something BIG.
More Monday. Stay tuned.

Happy Hew Year!

What three things are you most proud of this year? How are you ringing in the new year? And will you be eating black-eyed peas for luck tomorrow?



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  1. Well, you certainly have piqued my interest. I can’t possibly have a good new year since I’m wondering about Monday. My new year, I suppose, will have to be postponed to Monday! 🙂

    I’m so glad you got to give birth the way you wanted. That was a big goal for me last year, too.

  2. Ah…but I know the something BIG to be revealed on Monday 🙂
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. congratulations on the au-naturel birth! I had all three of mine sans epidural, and each time I felt the old “I am woman, hear me roar!” feeling. I loved reading your birth story!

    My three things of 2010: going back to college after 15 years to get my BSN, choosing to be frugal for the year (and mostly achieving my goals), and getting all three kids in school.

    I won’t be eating black-eyed peas, but we did ring in the new year to their music. Does that count?

  4. Happy new year dear Stacia!

    Last year I was proud of

    Nurturing my creative side
    Slowing down a little
    Learning to be quiet.


  5. I hate waiting. Just so you know.

    I am proud of surviving. I think that’s a good thing. : )

  6. Happy New Year Stacia! Your big thing – I can’t wait to hear about it!

  7. The three things I’m most proud of are those amazing, beautiful three that I am now the mom of — THREE! It’s still astounding to me, so ordinary and wonderful as it all is.

  8. Oh, also — I’m so glad you started your blog in 2010. One of my best reads all through the year. So glad to have made your acquaintance in the blogosphere!!!

  9. I’m going to echo E… The highlight of my year was becoming a family of five when we welcome our sweet daughter. The connections forged through the blogosphere and facebook contain to be so meaningful to me, and I am so glad to have met a kindred spirit like you. I’m proud of myself for cleaning and preparing my house for many, many (fruitless) showings and being able to survive the (hopefully temporary) disappointment of not selling it. I’m also proud that whatever else I don’t do, I do manage to nurture two of my passions: reading and writing.

    Happy, happy new year to you and yours! I made black-eyed peas for the first time ever this New Year’s Day. No one else around here was a fun, but I quite enjoyed them!

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