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January 3, 2011 at 6:30 am | Posted in Family, Transylvania | 37 Comments
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Big news at Fluffy Bunnies. We’re moving.

And I’m not talking about the World Wide Web. I’m talking about the Big Wide World.

This spring, we have the opportunity to move to Romania — Transylvania, to be exact — for my husband’s job. For one year. And we’re taking it.

Yes, Transylvania. Transylvania! (Insert vampire jokes here.)

Right now, we’re steamrolling through a long list of logistical challenges. The kids have passports. The pets have temporary homes stateside. Renting the house, storing the cars, forwarding the mail, mowing the lawn, figuring out the pediatrician appointments, envisioning the Ikea bill … Well, we’re working on it.

If I’m honest, sorting out the logistics is keeping me from worrying. Because I am worried. Can we do this? Are we nuts? And will there be peanut butter??

But I’m trying to remember that this is my one and only life. I want it to be full. Full of adventure. Of love. Of time spent well, not wasted.

So off we go. On our adventure. The five of us. For 365 days, give or take.

More to come. I hope you’ll follow our adventure. And I promise we won’t bite.

Have you ever done anything that terrified and thrilled you at the same time? Do you have any tips for living abroad? And could your children make it a year without peanut butter??



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  1. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  2. Wow!

    I’m in awe of you. It does sound exciting and terrifying and awesome, all at the same time.

    And given that only one of my kids even likes peanut butter, we’d be fine. But they would not live without Coca-cola. Or Kroger’s turkey breast lunchmeat.

    Oh, and we love vampires 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • I, too, have a love affair with Coke (and Dr. Pepper). And I’m definitely worried about getting my cola fix. But maybe some time without easy access to my indulgences will be good. Maybe??

  3. Wow!!!!!!! What an incredible opportunity! I’m so excited for you guys, and amazed by your ability to say YES! 🙂

  4. How totally random and completely exciting! I wouldn’t want to move around the world permanently, but a year’s adventure sounds so incredible. Good for you guys! Glad you’re taking the plunge. The kids and you will have such adventures!!! Good luck on settling the details!

  5. There is a HUGE part of me that is jealous for this amazing chance! The world! The experience! Oh! Then there’s the other part of me with which I won’t bother you right now 🙂 I can’t WAIT to follow your adventure!

  6. That sounds so exciting! I have no idea what Transylvania is like, but I’m sure it’s amazing, and I think it’s a super-awesome opportunity for your kids! (And you, too, of course.) Just think of the blog posts! I can’t wait to read them!

    Not that you have a ton of time to read, but get your hands on Jennifer Egan’s The Keep. It’s fiction, but it is set in Transylvania (I think, or somewhere pretty much just like it), and it’s such a great tale of castles and beauty and art that it will get you inspired.

    Congrats! You’re doing a truly awesome thing!

    • A good friend just mailed me a copy of Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian for the same reasons. I will get my hands on a copy of The Keep, too. Thanks, Jana!

      • I was going to recommend The Historian too. Great minds think alike, apparently. 😉

  7. Oh my goodness! That is exciting. And, yes, terrifying!

    I have no advice except to keep your eyes and your mind open. As I tell my husband all the time (maybe a little more often when we’re struggling): it’s an adventure. God bless and good luck, and I can’t wait to hear more.

  8. That is incredibly thrilling news! I can’t wait to hear what adventures you have in store for us.

  9. Wow! Do it! My kind of sister in law (it’s complicated) spent a few years here and there throughout her childhood in communist Poland. It was an amazing experience! And my real sister in law works in Turkmenistan. Really. No, I didn’t know where that was either. I have wanderlust, but not much opportunity right now. Clearly.

    Oh, happy little fluffy vampire bunnies!

    My only question is, when do you move? You know why…

  10. Transylvania 6500!

    What an incredible opportunity. Mr. X’s family moved to Indonesia when was about 13 and at the time he was pissed off, but soon learned to love it. He still credits his time living abroad for making him who he is.

    I went to Russia when I was 16 and I brought my peanut butter with me. If you can do that, go to Costco and stock up, send it along ahead of you and then RATION for the love of all that is holy.

    My experience with doing something terrifying is that it’s actually much more terrifying than I thought it would be, but by the time I realize that, I’m in too deep to get out and by the time I finished, I want to do it again. Make sense?

    Best of luck!

    • “Ration for the love of all that is holy.” Indeed! We’ll probably spend our entire shipping allotment on peanut butter … That stuff’s heavy! 🙂

  11. Oh. My. Goodness!
    Stacia – this is AMAZING! What an adventure! I can’t wait to read all about it! How long until you go?

    On a much, much, much, much smaller scale – I know how you feel about the preparations keeping you from worrying. I’m steamrolling through my own (much, much, much, much) smaller list of things to do before we fly across this one country for my surgery next week. My to-do list keeps me in denial a bit…

    So, so excited for you!

  12. Wow!! That is huge news!! How exciting/scary/nerve-wracking!! I hope, that if nothing else, it is a grand adventure! 🙂

  13. I’ve been meaning for a week to say something funny to you about Bunnicula (are you familiar?). I’m excited about your adventure and thrilled to be following along.

  14. Oh my gosh! That is so awesome! Congrats!

    I know I’m gushing, but it’s just SO exciting! I have lived me life in a very non-adventurous way, so I look forward to living vicariously!

  15. So so excited for you guys, and really quite envious. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  16. Holy wow. Awesome for you. Can’t wait to read all about it.
    We gave up peanut butter around here two years ago, and we’re doing okay. O. actually eats jelly sandwiches like they are going out of style. Yes, just jelly and bread. (I keep a stash of Nutella on the highest shelf, and really don’t even dip into it as often as I thought I would!) I’m sure your kids will discover something just as good over there that you won’t be able to find HERE when you come back!!
    Congratulations on taking on an adventure, and good luck!

  17. I cant’t wait to hear about it Stacia! Congrats and kudos to you for embracing the adventure.

  18. Oh my gosh!! This is HUGE news! What an exciting adventure for you and your family! I am thrilled that you have invited all of us on a virtual tour as your family goes through this big change!

  19. I just told my husband my blogging friend is moving to Transylvania, and he said, “Do we have any more trashbags?”

    But *I* think it is SO EXCITING. Yay for you for being brave enough to take advantage of such an opportunity! (And I bet they have peanut butter there. And trashbags.)

  20. Oh my stars. I’m so excited for you. What a wonderful adventure for your family. I can’t wait to read all about it. Wishing you a year filled with wonderful memories and great adventures!

  21. How exciting! And even better? The blog posts to come! Congratulations!

  22. That is so exciting and invigorating and WOW! I can’t wait to read all about it.

  23. Wow. When you have big news, you have BIG news. As long as your Friday haiku doesn’t suffer…

    What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your kids. Awesome.

    Good luck.

  24. Yay!!! Congratulations on your decision. It’s stressful, sure, but remember to breathe and think about all the stuff you can write home (and on the blog) about. I will be hanging on to every word about your move and new adventures. So happy and excited for you guys!

  25. Wow! This is really so exciting and I applaud your attitude and enthusiasm. It is one year, but I have a hunch it will be a wonderful one for you and your family – full of novelty and adventure. Look forward to hearing more and more about your impending move!

  26. Transylvania!!!! I didn’t even realize that was a real place! Can I say I’m incredibly envious?? I am dying to go SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE different for a period of time. I’m begging my husband to see what’s out there. Just SEE. Because you’re right. We have one life. One life to make the most of.. and you are definitely doing it! I can’t wait to read all about it!

  27. Wow – congratulations!! That is so exciting, and it will be *incredible* for your children and for you!

    Yes – I have done the terrifying and thrilling, twice, and so I have some idea of what you are going through. 10 years ago I moved to Japan by myself; 2 years ago I moved back to the US, this time with Japanese hubby and essentially Japanese 4 year old in tow. It was actually scarier coming back to the US b/c I felt I had 2 people to be responsible for. My son spoke zero English at that point and I worried about his adjustment, as well as my husband’s adjustment.

    But it’s amazing how people do adjust to these huge moves. Going to Japan was the best thing I have ever done (aside from having my son of course), and my husband and son are both really happy in the US now too. You are so self-aware of yourself and your children that I have no doubt your family will do well. There are unique issues that will come up (your husband and you will really need to have a good system of mutual support) but I think you will get through them with flying colors.

    Looking forward to reading your updates!

  28. I’m so impressed! Not just that you’re going, but that you’re going in such a positive way. Don’t let the worry consume you – it’s gonna be a great learning experience (and how cool that the kids get to live this, too)!

  29. WOW what a fabulous opportunity WOW
    yes you definitely are doing the best thing what an experience you are giving your children as well to see and live something different and new

    I am so excited for you and totally understand some of your trepidation.

    Happy new Year 🙂

  30. This is AMAZING! I’m so excited for you! I read your new post today and was like, what did I miss here? Because, ahem, I’ve obviously not been around, and what incredible news to find. And I think you said, as scary as it might be – you get one life. I can’t wait to follow this tale of you and your family . . .

  31. So very cool! I wish you and your family a year of good health, happiness, adventure, and discovery. And I’m thrilled that you are taking us along for the ride – virtu-really, at least.

    (I’m so far behind in reading my favorite blogs, but this is an example of why I fear pressing the “Mark All As Read” button in my Google Reader!)

  32. Oh got it! I should probably send you an e-mail with stuff to bring. I would be surprised if they had peanut butter or chocolate chips since France only got the former recently and the latter not at all. How exciting!!!!! 🙂 You are definitely making the right decision.

  33. […] were home. No longer expats. No longer foreigners in a foreign […]

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