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Haiku Friday: The Packing List

I go over it
In my head: the things we need
For our adventure.

Mac and cheese, goldfish,
Apple juice, trains and tracks, and
Stuff for tea parties.

Markers and glue sticks.
Finger paint, lots of colors.
Scotch tape. Duct tape. Squish.

Fluffy towels and
Soft pillows. Favorite blankets.
Soap that smells like home.

Good reads. Lots of Seuss.
Margaret Wise Brownā€™s complete works.
And Pinkalicious.

But more than all this,
These small comforts from our life,
We’ll need each other.

We’ll need each other
To be strong, to be brave, to
Cry big when it’s tough.

We’ll need each other
To laugh at the craziness
Of strange, new places.

At the craziness
Of new sounds, new words, new foods,
And sheep crossing roads.

We’ll embrace all that’s
Different ā€” and each other.
But the snow? We’ll see.

What comforts of home would you take with you for a year abroad? What books (and character traits) would be essential? Know of any good deals on snowsuits??



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  1. Hmmmm… what comforts would I take when moving to Transylvania? Probably a cross and some garlic. Ho ho ho. x

  2. LOL at Maxabella
    Wow you are moving for a year. What an adventure.

    I say you have to pack an openmind šŸ™‚
    WOW I wish you luck
    Now I go for a little bit of catch up

  3. Bring the kids’ favorites. And a camera! Anything else is replaceable. I agree with kidfriendlyja that an open mind is essential.

    I am SO jealous of your adventure… and the snow!

  4. Whenever we travel, I hear my grandpa say, when you go a-steam-boatin’, you gotta be accommodatin’.

    I’d need snacks and art supplies. Maybe a regular airdrop of peanut butter. But really, flexibility is the key to happy travels.

  5. Our Margaret Wise Brown collection, for sure. (Along with The Little Island, the one she wrote as Golden McDonald. Why the pseudonym? I’ll always wonder.)
    I’m lucky in not really loving peanut butter. But I’m sure there are snacks I would miss…I need to do research before properly responding to this post. šŸ™‚

  6. OK, I just read about your BIG adventure and can I just say: HOORAY!!!! You will always be glad you did this. Though not always while it’s happening.

    When we’ve taken some big adventures the kids have cried BIG tears when they couldn’t eat their “home foods”. But now, as they tell those stories, it’s with smiles bright, because they feel like that’s part of what made them so flexible.

    You’re gonna be great.

    Think of the blogs you’ll send us!!!

  7. I can’t even imagine. I honestly can’t.

  8. Peanut butter! Who knew that wasn’t available, like, everywhere?

    Have a marvelous and safe adventure!

  9. I’ve done the year abroad thing (and briefer periods) – but not with kids, though I’ve traveled with them overseas, even when they were tiny.


    As for comforts? My laptop, my journal. A few beloved books. And if my kids were little, it would be their pillow and one animal each, and beyond that, hopefully, our openness to the adventure.

    Embrace it!

  10. Um. What did I miss? Where are you going? FRANCE???????

  11. A whole year in Transylvania – wowsers! I am so jealous. What an amazing experience for you all… and such wonderful fodder for blogging. šŸ™‚ What would I take? Well, I’m an Australian, so I’d need a year’s supply of Vegemite. Mostly because iit’s the only thing Mr4 will eat on a regular basis. Beyond that, just each other. Everything else can be picked up along the way. Can’t wait to follow these new adventures.

  12. I wouldn’t know what to bring and so I’d wind up with ridiculous random things I don’t need. What you really need is a good friend who will ship you care packages full of all the crap you forgot.

  13. You are so brave!! I don’t think I could do that. Especially not in a non-English speaking country. I got stressed out reading your post! šŸ™‚ good luck with ALL of it!

  14. My favorites books, laptop, journals and my address book (I am certain your friends would think it was cool to receive a letter from Transylvania). I would pack a piece of my favorite furniture from home to remind me in tough times that the move is temporary and I will be returning to the familiar.

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