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January 12, 2011 at 7:43 am | Posted in Bun | 21 Comments
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My Bun is eight months old. He’s in that in-between place, no longer a baby but not yet a toddler.

He still has no teeth. (And no hair.) But he sits up. He rolls over. He started crawling four days ago, slowly but determined.

He is physical. He loves to hit things to see what they will feel and sound like. The harder and louder the better. He jumps and bounces. He yanks earrings and hair. He grabs glasses off faces. My glasses. Off my face.

He is vocal. He growls and screeches. He yells and cries. And when he laughs, I imagine it’s the same sound a baker makes as he dips his finger into a bowl of icing for a first taste. It’s special and sweet. It’s delicious.

He eats Cheerios and gourmet flavored air that Gerber likes to package and sell as “Puffs.” He gets slobbery gobs stuck on his chin and cheeks. He’s coming around to pureed broccoli.

He sleeps with a yellow blanket that has a duck embroidered in one corner. I have no idea where it came from.

He wants his pacifier above all else.

Except, sometimes, when it’s me he wants, when only Mommy will do. When he snuggles his peach-fuzz head into the crook of my neck and squeezes his eyes shut. When I comfort him in the way that only a mother can, without knowing how or why, only knowing that I can, I do, I will.

And I’m comforted, too.



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  1. I love that deep comfort of holding a child, feeling them find peace. It’s amazing!

    We’re in our own betwixt and between. It’s exciting to see the new and slightly sad to see the old go.

  2. Sigh. If we were to meet, I’d snuggle your little Bun so close to try catching that lingering baby smell.

  3. This is such a sweet age! I love the photo! He looks so determined 🙂

  4. I miss those days, though at nearly 7 my little mama’s boy still needs to find comfort in my neck and arms on a daily basis. I realize I need that too. What a sweet post, and a sweet little boy you’ve got!

  5. Goodness, aren’t those baby snuggles the best? This is where I imagine I’ll be in 7 months. On one hand when M woke this morning at 6 to eat again (after waking at 3 a.m.), I thought to myself, “When are you going to be old enough to pour your own cereal?” But then I realized that I wouldn’t miss his baby-hood for the world.

  6. That is such a great age!

  7. Oh I can’t wait to do that cuddling with a not yet too busy to be running around toddler too! I can’t believe it’s been 8 months (and more) since I read about your pregnancy, then the delivery, and now this. Wow. I truly feel honored to be a part of your journey with your family.

    Go Bun go!

  8. Yummy, yum, yum. This post is making me feel so ready for the arrival of Baby #3 next month. What could be more delicious than a Puff-infused peach-fuzz snuggle?

  9. Eight months!? I can’t believe it.
    I’m going to have to reply to Kristen’s above comment in similar fashion.
    But anyway – I’m not sure I can really remember what it was like, snuggling Jack at eight months. I still get to do it, if not nearly as often (though he’s in a very snuggly phase – yay and oy, all at once!). It’s more comforting than anything.

  10. I love that 7/8 month mark. To me it’s the danger period for mums. When you start to forget the horror of the first few months and you’re there and you’ve got this cute, cute, CUTE baby and you start to think “hmmm, maybe another one…”. 🙂

  11. How sweet and beautiful your baby is. Mine don’t grow hair for forever either — N. didn’t get any until WELL past two. Oh, that ‘only Mommy’ thing. It’s maddening and oh so gratifying. I don’t remember my others lighting up especially for me in quite the way L. does, but perhaps I’m just taking more time to savor this, my last baby’s babyhood.

  12. So precious. These words. That babe. That Bun. He’s a lucky little man to have such a thoughtful and feeling mother 🙂

    (PS- I’m with Kristen. This makes me VERY excited for my wee girl to arrive in March!)

  13. This is adorable. I love this stage where they sit up and look so innocent. I also love the cuddling time where, like you said, only mommy will do. Such a sweet post Stacia.

  14. Beautiful. There is not much in babydom that I will say this about, but I really miss this age. x

  15. I’m enjoying my in-betweener right now too! She’s loving to crawl, but I have to be on my toes because she’ll eat anything she encounters. Feeding her before she goes to sleep for the night is my favorite part of the day. So, so sweet.

  16. Isn’t that the best? When he just wants you?

  17. Lovely lovely lovely.
    Thanks for a peek into a sweet Buns days.

  18. “When I comfort him in the way that only a mother can, without knowing how or why, only knowing that I can, I do, I will.” That is an amazing piece of writing.

    And the gourmet flavored air made me laugh.

  19. Is there anything quite so precious as new life? I cannot imagine my world without kids in it. Go baby go!

    Lovely stuff, Stacia.

  20. The comfort of being a comforter. I know that feeling even now when my little ones are big.

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