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Haiku Friday: Ode to Preschool

Preschool, glorious
Preschool, where my children run
free and get to shriek.

Preschool, where they learn
To eat exotic things like
Peas and blueberries.

Preschool, where they share,
For real, because there’s no one
To fall for fake tears.

Preschool, where the goats
escape from their pens and eat
mulch while the kids bike.

Preschool, where pecans
Fall from trees like magic and
Adventure abounds.

Preschool, where friends are
Plentiful and moms are scarce,
Just as it should be.

What do you and your children like most about preschool? What glimpses do you catch there of their fledgling personalities? And does your family’s school have roaming goats, too?



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  1. Another triumph. I would love a little published book of Stacia Haiku’s by my bed. My fave line this week is “To eat exotic things like
    Peas and blueberries”… peas! Cracked me up! “No one
    To fall for fake tears” was also very astute. x

  2. Goats?

    • And sheep and pigs and bunnies and a donkey, too!

      • I want to go to preschool! How cool!!!

  3. I love this!

  4. Err…no goats here. But preschool is one of my daughter’s favorite things. Sometimes to get her to sleep, we just let her know that the sooner she does it, the sooner she gets to go to school. Works every time!

    Down side? I’m the only parent in the entire school who has to fight their child to get her out of there. It’s a daily battle and when I’m exhausted from all day at work (and pregnant) that has become the least favorite part of my day (which is sad since I’m always so excited to see her!)

  5. My son went to a preschool at my work. That was wonderful! One of my favorite all time photos of him was taken there. They had toys I didn’t have and my son fell in love with gravity balls there. Oh! Wow. It was glorious, just as you say.

  6. I was just singing the praises of preschool to my husband. What’s not to like? The energy, the songs, the stories, the skills. And (on a selfish note) somewhat mess-phobic myself, I love that my son has a place to go where paint and sand and water are available to him in unlimited quantities.

  7. As you know, my children are in full time daycare. And to be honest, I think it’s a fantastic experience for them. But here’s the thing, I feel sad for the parts of them I miss while they are there. Of course the obvious parts, but even more the parts of them interacting and growing with others. I wish I could be a fly on the wall most days.

  8. Excellent! I love preschool. 😀

  9. that sounds very cool! our preschool is very suburban. No goats or falling pecans. but a scarcity of moms and lots of friends, so I guess it’s good enough ;0.

  10. Goats?! I’m so envious. Even the preschools are doing their part to keep Austin weird, huh? 🙂
    Jack’s headed for preschool full-time next year, and we’re all excited.

  11. My oldest loves everything about preschool, except the days when snack is carrots. My little guy just started going for two hours a week and he seems to love just talking about school, “I go school, mommy? I go Friday?”

    I enjoy the socialization opportunities at drop off and pick up and love hearing my son answer questions about his day. Amazing what he remembers and what he thinks is interesting!

  12. I miss preschool! My youngest is in kindergarten this year and I was devastated to not go on the preschool trip to the pumpkin patch. It was the first year in a very long time that I (we) missed it. So sad.

  13. The best part is.

    Moms get a break. 🙂

    No, I love most that the kids get a social interaction which they really start to need at a certain point.

  14. I can’t wait for my son to start preschool next year. All of the things he’ll do and learn, it’s so exciting!

  15. I love my daughter’s preschool. The learning, the crafts out of cotton balls, popsicle sticks, and pasta. I love the song and dances and if the kids make good choices all week they get a little something from the treasure box.

  16. This is lovely. I miss preschool (my son’s, I mean) – it’s such a magical time. Interestingly enough, he has goats at his elementary school!

  17. Goats? That is fantastic! Ours tend to be a bit more on the concrete side over here but they are still fun. Loved the haiku!

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