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Haiku Friday: X Marks the Spot

“I’ll do it myself,”
She says, and pushes the car
Door closed. On her thumb.

She cries, and I look.
Seems fine, good. So off we go.
But she won’t use it.

She cradles her hand
All day. Her thumb starts to swell.
It turns a tad blue.

“Yep, need an X-ray,”
The doctor says. A nice nurse
Brings a Belle sticker.

Three pictures later,
The diagnosis is in:
Not broken! Just bruised.

We go home, snuggle
On the couch, and share Hershey
Kisses anyway.

What was your child’s first X-ray? Who was more traumatized, you or her? And was it broken??



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  1. Oh no! Glad it’s not broken! I remember the (first) time I closed the car door and Evan’s hand was right there… and yes, unfortunately it’s happened more than once. Never hurt though. Thank goodness!

  2. I slammed my baby’s finger in the door. No swelling, no xray. Yet.

  3. We haven’t had a first x-ray, but I’ve caught Javi’s fingers in doors and windows way too many times. I’m glad there wasn’t have lasting damage. A bruised thumb must warrant a popsicle!

  4. Oh, my little boy has had so many lung x-rays. Weekly, in the NICU, when he was just a crumb of a human. And then at least one each winter since to look for suspected pneumonias. Sigh.

    (glad it’s just a bruise for Lollipop).

  5. No xrays necessary til the third kiddo, and then at 18months he fell down a couple of stairs and broke his collarbone. Didn’t realize it til the next day when he wouldn’t lift his arm; unfortunately, no treatment other than ibuprofen and rest (right, with a crazy-busy-toddler boy?!)

    I was way more traumatized than he was…felt like a horrible mom, allowing her baby to fall down the steps and then not bringing him to the doctor until the next day…

    So glad it was just a bruise for your little one!

  6. We haven’t had to do an xray with Munchie yet thank goodness! The most traumatic was a blood draw she needed to check for celiac disease. She was probably about 3. She was so brave, but when her little lip started to quiver I nearly lost it.

    So glad there was no break! It’s just awful when kids are hurting.

  7. Yikes. First x-ray was my daughter when a stool fell on her toe. eee. I think we were both equally traumatized and no, not broken. A close second was my second son at age 11 months when he fell down a flight of marble stairs and it was my fault for not watching him carefully. Guuuuiiiiiilllllt. But again, everything fine.


  8. Glad it is not broken. Hershey Kisses are a great way to make things better for both of you…

  9. My son shut his hand into the car door on his birthday while we were at the apple orchard picking up his favorite apples to hang in the trees for a game. I’d already locked the car, so I had to run back, unlock, run again and peel him out. It was bad. Not broken, just UGLY. Tough luck on your 4th birthday.

  10. yay for not broken! I took Aaron to gymnastics class at 18 mos (mommy and me deal). He was so excited about all of the equipment and within 10 minutes he tripped on a mini-tramp and couldn’t walk. Such a big bummer. x-rays and everything. But thankfully it wasn’t broken. two weeks later, John was wrestling with Aaron, and accidentally twisted his wrist. back to the x-ray machine. Not broken, but I think the doc was starting to get suspicious!! thankfully that was the end of the injuries for a while.

  11. I’m so glad it’s not broken! My daughter has broken her leg twice. And my son has had a ton of lung xrays. There’s something about xrays that is just so stressful, maybe because we moms have to leave the room.

  12. Hooray for unbroken bones! Considering the rambunctious doings of energetic boys, we’ve been very lucky. Only a few gashes and one broken finger! (Believe me – we’ve had our share of dashes to the ER, but relatively speaking – we’ve been oh-so-fortunate!)

    Lots of hugs to your little one.

  13. No X-rays yet. Fingers crossed (pun intended) that we have no need for any soon. I can only imagine how scary this is and I am so thrilled to hear there was no break…

  14. My sons first x-ray was when he was two. He had a broken leg and cried more during the X-ray than when he hurt himself. My daughter had an abdominal X-ray at one week old. She definitely did not appreciate it, but I think I was more traumatized than she was.

  15. No x-rays for us yet?! Can you hear me KNOCKING on wood in Chicago? I’m glad the story ended with cuddles and kisses and not a cast!

  16. No x-rays around here, thank goodness!

    Happy that she is okay. The car door to the hand thing is one of my ‘tense spots’. x

  17. Glad there are no broken bones. No x-rays yet, but I am certain that is short lived.

  18. Oh no, the poor thing! I’m so glad nothing was broken. I remember slamming the car door on my brother’s finger when we were younger…I still wince when I think about it today.

    My son had walking pneumonia when he was 3 so had an x-ray for the diagnosis…

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