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Haiku Friday: Curses!

She sat down to eat,
Diving into a bowl of
Sliced bananas first.

The bowl hit the floor.
It spun like a wonky top
And spilled. “Crap!” she said.

Dad recovered first:
“That’s not nice!” Then I sputtered:
“Leave it for the dogs.”

No doubt, she heard it
From me. Four-year-old ears are
Always listening.

But I am grateful.
Because it could have been worse.
Or started with F.

What parenting lessons have you learned the hard way? What are you glad your child didn’t say? And what are you grateful for this weekend? Join in at Maxabella Loves, one of my favorite blogs from Down Undah.




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  1. You’re in! Grateful Stacia is a very fine thing indeed.

    Have I told you about The Badoo and her “Fox sake” comments? Now, where would she hear something like that, I wonder!?!? x

  2. PS – I’ll post in about an hour and half so pop over and link in! x

  3. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to tell my boys ‘forget you just heard that’…

  4. I’ve made that mistake oh-so-many times. I’m always apologizing to my son for my potty mouth. Luckily, he hasn’t yet said the F.

  5. No honey, that’s shoot.
    Oh, I said truck. Why? Um…

  6. We had a chat last night at dinner about how the things you say affect yourself and others. I’m not sure they care much about what I think these days. Maybe that’s as it should be.

  7. “Crap!” Ha! You can’t help but laugh at least a little. It’s funny when they actually know how to use the word! Oops. 🙂

    I’ve been pretty lucky with my kids. I must admit that I am a potty mouth and I swear in front of them quite a bit, but somehow they know that it is not okay for them to repeat. I’m a bad example, I know. 😛

  8. OK, I’m officially bad parent material when I didn’t even realize “crap” is a cuss word. OY!

  9. Yikes! I’m with Justine!

    • Yes, it’s definitely Cursing Lite! But it’s still a little startling when your four-year-old says it … in perfect context. =>

  10. I’m still sitting here in awe of your haiku expertise – spinning this revelation all in haiku. Simply in awe.

  11. Though I have a potty mouth, my kids only repeat after their dad. I could yell out “d@mn f-ing b@stard!!!” and my kids wouldn’t flinch. Their dad says “crap!” and they repeat it for hours. Go figure!

  12. I don’t usually have a potty mouth, and when I do, it is usually under my breath, hidden-like. But the other day, because of something I was thinking about, and not because of anything surrounding me, I blurted out F*&# right in front of the kids. But, since I never use it, and they don’t really know that word is “naughty”, they just kept right on coloring, didn’t even look up. whew!

  13. Oh man, that is so funny!

    My husband swears all the time, and when the kids were little, they had a slip occasionally. Now that the youngest is five, they all understand that those are grown up words.

    I shudder to think what kind of language they will use when they are adults!

  14. A few times my kids have said sh*t, which they heard from me for sure. If my husband’s around, I insist they just said “sit” or “ship.”

    I did not think crap was a bad word until I used it in front of my high school students when I was a teacher. One of the students was all, “We’re not allowed to say that at my house.” Oops!

  15. This morning, my 2 year old said, “What the heck!?” And I found myself feeling grateful that it wasn’t a different h-word!

  16. So far there has been no copy-cat swearing in our house. But I’ll tell you, I see my attitude in them all the time and it frightens me.

  17. Lately, it’s all about the fartfaces here. I’m pretty sure that’s not from me. Loooove kindergarten!

  18. That’s hilarious! I’ve heard my son say “Darmit” with an “M” – it’s from hearing me try to make a last second save from Damn to Darn.

    He says “This sucks” plenty but I blame his guy buddies for that!

  19. Stacia, impressed with your haiku skills. Awesome. Once upon a time we had a two year old who liked to say certain, uhm, words. Perhaps she picked them up from Daddy. Mommy was left to break that bad habit with some creative bribing.

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