Haiku Friday

February 4, 2011 at 12:07 am | Posted in Giggles, Haiku Friday | 12 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Gone with the Wind

The wind marched into
Town and drummed a mad cadence
Across our windows.

He woke, sailing in
And out of dreams, hearing wild
Things he couldn’t tame.

Shaking and scared, he
Gathered his tears, his blanket,
His mouse for Mom’s room.

Into the big bed,
He burrowed between us, but
The noises came, too.

He stared, worried the
Wind would steal him away with
the once-silent night.

He fought fear and rest
For hours, finally settling
His cheek on my chest.

His breath, my heartbeat:
The steady syncopation
Bringing sleep, at last.

What wild things does your child hear at night? How do you tame them? Do you find comfort in comforting?



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  1. Very sweet. Yes. I do find comfort in comforting :). Have you all been frozen and windblown there too?

    • We have been frozen and windblown. It even snowed enough for school to be canceled on Friday! This weekend, of course, we’ve had springlike weather, but it’s back to freezing this week. Brrrrrr!

  2. Awww. Poor boy! 😦

  3. My daughter hears everything at night, thus the need to sleep in our room (on an air mattress). Even then she still gets scared, although I think it is her ploy to get one of us out of the big people bed. Usually at that point we are so tired that one of us does air mattress duties. I have to confess that at 2:00 a.m the comforting is a little tedious.

  4. At the time I never ever believed I would say this. But now…I really miss having children sleeping in my bed.

  5. Isn’t it so wonderful to be able to offer comfort, even if the fear doesn’t disappear entirely? Being a mom is such a wonderful thing.

  6. GORGEOUS. I loved this.

  7. I really liked the sound of this. The first stanza was my favorite.

  8. Gorgeous — both the lines and the image.

    I do take comfort in comforting. I feel that providing comfort is when I’m at my best. It forces me to be in the present and it’s something I can do. I can’t say that about everything.

  9. I do find comfort in comforting… to a point. I’m six years into comforting MOST NIGHTS for one child or another and some nights it’s all I can do not to scream along with the wind. x

    • This was the first time he’s ever been this scared and slept in our bed. I think that’s why it struck me. If it happened regularly, I’m sure I’d be so over it!

  10. LOVE! These are the sweet moments that make me truly grateful to be a mom. To be able to care for and provide comfort like that may be a gift to our kids, but sometimes when we breathe in the scent of their hair and listen to the rhythm of their heartbeat, it is us who’re truly blessed.

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