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“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there within me lay an invincible summer.” — Albert Camus


How do you find summer in winter? Is snow rare for your family, like ours, or are you experts? Does your post-snow ritual include naps for all, too?


Warm up with more photos of the cold at Beth’s on Thursday.




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  1. We’re becoming used to snow after the past week, but it’s still exciting enough that we’re not sick of it quite yet. I just keep remembering that it’ll be stinkin’ HOT in summer, and we’ll have a ‘grass is always greener’ complex, wishing it were cool again. I’m trying to embrace each season, appreciate the beauty where it lies…

    And apparently I’m becoming a hippie 🙂

    Oh, yes — post-snow naps are a must!

  2. We used to never get snow, but now my children have experienced more snow in 2 years than I did during my entire childhood (yet I live in the same town). Go figure.

    Snow makes for the best naps though!

  3. So adorable! No, there are no naps in my house. My son is a little energizer bunny…. :/

  4. Snow is rare for us here in Portland. I was hoping for some this winter but I’m beginning to think we won’t get any. This is the first winter I think Flora would really enjoy it.

  5. I can’t wait until I’m healed up enough to get back to hot yoga… that is where I found the heat in the winter before my surgery. (Now I just sit at home in warm sweats eating chocolates from sweet bloggy friends!)
    And if our post-snow ritual was naps, we’d never be awake. The drifts here are waaay over my head this year.

  6. I would say we are experts. Snow is a way of life for us (you know, igloos and all – kidding!), but seriously from December until the end of March we are covered with a blanket of white. This year less than others, but there is a lot of it nonetheless. What do we do to cope? We have lots of fires, hot chocolate and family movie nights. We try to engage in winter fun, skating and snowman making, but it can be absolutely frigid here too. It’s a difficult balance. But cozy under a blanket sure looks good!

  7. Thank you for posting that quote. I saw it somewhere and loved it, and couldn’t find it again…it sums up so much for me.
    I am snuggling with my baby nephew this morning and loving staying out of the -30 degree wind chill in NoDak.
    Love from the North Country.

  8. These are cool – both definitions of the word. I feel an icy wind just looking at them and that is a good thing today, believe me. I also love that they’re the tops of their heads – I was looking at my boys the other day and feeling sad that the tops of their heads get closer and closer to my eyes every day.

  9. I have always loved that Camus quote. Uplifting. x

  10. She looks so cozy, curled up on the couch.

    Our post-snow ritual does not include naps, but it does include hot chocolate. Yum!

  11. I wish, wish, wish that the post-snow ritual included naps for all, usually just a nap for one. That someone is not me! Thanks for the Camus quotation.

  12. You got snow? Wow. How fun.
    We just trudge and clomp and wade through it.
    We build snowmen, throw snowballs, go sledding, but mostly look out at it from the warmth of inside.

  13. I just LOVE the quote! Snow is everywhere right now, a few feet high, but we haven’t been out much to enjoy since we’ve also been experiencing windchill in the negatives. However, it’s supposed to be warmer this weekend – 30s! Yay! – so we’re finally going to do some romping, sledding and snowman making. My daughter woke up from her nap y’day and the first thing she said, “Mommy, I want to make a snowman.” Not sure where that came from, but I definitely think it’s time she experiences her first snow person. Can’t wait!

  14. So, we are buried. BURIED. A foot here, and more than two feet a little north of us. It’s unheard of! Not to mention too deep for a toddler to really enjoy. But we’re trying. It would take awhile for me to feel cooped up – because I spend so many hours away in a typical week, I’m glad to have an excuse not to get out. But around here, we’ve been skipping naps…wish me luck.

  15. I am in love with those hats. =^)

  16. They include hot coffee!

    You quoted Camus – woah!

  17. No snow here. Ever. We bask in the sun almost year round. I envy places where there are actual seasons.

  18. No snow here in Southern California! In fact we went to the beach.

  19. cute hats! no snow for us, but we can drive two hours and get to it…that is the way we like it :).

  20. That last photo just says comfort to me (on a cold, inside day). By the way, I love your blog name; silly and sweet, 🙂

  21. Love that first hat. Cute shots!
    We don’t have snow here at the moment but we had almost a foot over Christmas and our 2yo LOVED it. Especially all the snowmen that people built. I’m sure she’s hoping there will be more this year…and I’m just hoping that spring is close 🙂

  22. What cozy, gorgeous photos. And I have always adored that Camus quote. Just today, I spent the afternoon with Toddler. It was a mommy-daughter date and after a wee bit of begging, I bought her a vast purple tutu. She wore it out of the store with her snow boots and dinosaur hat and twirled down the sidewalk climbing soiled snow piles, grinning big. For me? That was a splash of summer in the middle of winter.

  23. Post snow naps! That is brillant and SHOULD certainly be a ritual 😀

  24. I want to curl up in a blanket like that- looks inviting.

  25. Those hats are so cute! We usually have hot chocolate after being out in the snow. 🙂

  26. We get lots of snow in PA. Not so much this year, though. We’ve been getting hit hard with the ice. I have an 8 month old so we don’t go out in the snow much, but he’s been out to touch it and he’s taken a short sled ride (not down hills!). I’m ready for spring!

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