Haiku Friday

February 11, 2011 at 12:01 am | Posted in Family, Haiku Friday | 16 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Love, Sweet Love

Our love is like a
Twizzler. Unwind our strands and
We lose our flavor.

Our love is like an
M&M. You: The strong shell.
Me: The soft center.

Our love is like a
Candy heart. UR Mine, Hot Stuff.
But not as chalky.

Our love is like a
Fun Dip. Sturdy, stable, sweet.
Makes me lick my lips.

Our love is like a
Reese’s cup. Peanut butter
and chocolate: perfect.

What candy defines you and your true love? Care to write a sweet haiku for your sweetheart in the comments? And candy hearts: love em or hate em?

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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  1. Fun dip! I haven’t thought about that in years.
    I’ll have to come back if I come up with a haiku, but I think our love is like an Almond Joy – two pieces to the pack.

  2. I always liked fun dip! And reeses….. mmmmmmm!

  3. Adorable! My love is the Kit to my Kat.

  4. You are GOOD. I love this poem!

    My favorite candy is a Heath bar, so I think he’s the chocolate to my toffee 🙂

    I like the IDEA of candy hearts, but can’t stand the taste.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Twizzler! I love what you had to say about that!

  6. Sweetness! (figuratively speaking).

  7. This is so sweet!

    Hate, hate, hate candy hearts!

  8. sweet, literally! I love the m&m description. happy valentines to you and hubby. 😉

  9. Love this! I would say we’re Sour Patch Kids. We pucker a bit, but everything’s sweet underneath.

  10. Cute poem! Fun Dip for sure… Happy Valentines.

  11. You wrote these? They’re so clever. What candy defines us hmmmmm. Probably dark chocolate with sea salt crystals.

  12. Loved this. Have never thought of a candy bar being a representation of our love. Maybe a snickers if I had to guess though. 🙂

  13. Such a cute idea! Which candy represents my relationship? Umm… See’s dark chocolate caramels. Kind of bitterly sweet, but substantial.

  14. Loved this. We are Sour Patch people together. But I confess, in my innermost heart, I am a Junior Mint gal.

  15. […] Valentine’s Day takes me back. To second grade: decorated shoeboxes full of Ninja Turtles and New Kids on the Block cards, with their silly stock greetings and fuzzy perforated edges. Tiffany’s mom bringing cupcakes for everyone. Candy hearts and Fun Dip. […]

  16. How fun (and sweet)! Hmmm…if I had to pick one I’d say Bertie Botts’ Every Flavor Beans because who knew there were so many surprising flavors, both good and bad?

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