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Haiku Friday: The L Word

It piles up faster
Than Cheerios in my car.
Shirts. Pants. Jammies. Socks.

Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat.
I’m Lucy at the candy
Factory: too slow.

Surface-wash only?
Yeah, right. Wash by hand? Puh-leeze.
Toss in everything.

Folded piles sit on
Dressers like dusty knick-knacks.
I’ve stopped noticing.

Dirt, spaghetti, snot:
A rainbow of kiddie stains.
There’s the buzzer now.

What’s your “favorite” chore? Your “favorite” stain? Your favorite I Love Lucy episode?



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  1. I hate laundry. It’s the drudgiest of all the drudgeries. I like vacuuming. I quite like scrubbing. I don’t like dishes. x

  2. Oh, the piles. Of clean. Of dirty, of folded, of outgrown, of…. Piles.

    I often threaten to get rid of all but three days worth of clothes.

  3. Stacia: I really love Lucy. I’ve been a fan for so many years. I’ve probably watch every episode over a dozen times. My personal favorite: Vita Meeta Vegamin. I crack up just typing the words.

    And laundry. Oh how I loathe it. It piles up. Like crazy. Like a million cockroaches everywhere.

  4. I love laundry. Folding is soothing for me. Probably because I let myself watch television or talk on the phone while I’m doing it. It’s probably those things that I love.

    I hate dusting the most. And paperwork.

    I think you’re referencing the I Love Lucy where she’s at the conveyor belt and shoving chocolates into her mouth. I love that one.

  5. Laundry is okay. And I like vaccuuming because I can see the results right away. I hate dusting. And scrubbing things. Especially walls.

  6. I don’t *mind* any job IF I can do it all by myself with my ipod and an audiobook. That’s a big IF because most of the day, I am not by myself. The laundry is endless and almost never gets put away (not even on top of dressers because we don’t even have any dressers for the kids yet). Everything else? As needed or the night or morning before an announced visitor. Sad to say that cleaning is almost relaxing for me these days, but am also sad to say that I do that “relaxing” in the evenings when the kids are asleep and I’d rather be relaxing on the couch. Ah well.

  7. Even though all four of us are slobby enough to maximize any outfit’s lasting potential (read: we don’t change clothes very often), the laundry piles are still insane.

  8. Lucy in the chocolate factory describes it perfectly!

  9. I do not do laundry. The chore that haunts me and is my merciless task master is the stupid dishes. Gah. They are never ending. I’ll be doing them every day for the REST OF MY LIFE. :/

  10. That photograph is fantastic in its awfulness. It never, ever ends. How long until we can make them wash their own clothes? Is 5 too young?

  11. I don’t mind the laundry, even though it is a never ending task. I do it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, every single day. My assistant, Millie, puts all of the folded items away. I pile them on the big dresser in our room, and it his her job to put everything in the right drawers (even though it doesn’t always get sorted correctly).

    I loathe cleaning the bathrooms. The pee on the floor, the snot on the shower curtain — it’s as if a bunch of animals (instead of kids) share a bathroom.

  12. I DREAD the laundry piles…but just the clean ones. I don’t mind sorting and doing, no matter how much there is, because it makes me feel like I”m clearing stuff away and getting things done, but when it all starts to pile up…UGH. Thank God my hubby doesn’t mind folding and putting away, so usually I do the “delicates” which means Everything that would normally require a dry cleaner or an iron, and I just hang it up while it’s still damp and call it a day.

  13. The pile outside L.’s door is laughable. Can’t put it away when he’s napping, can’t put it away when he’s awake b/c it requires more than one hand. Asked O. to hand me some of it today and he acted like a bulldozer to push the huge pile in the door. So glad I bothered to fold it.
    Here’s how apparent it’s been that laundry has been my nemesis lately: whenever J. goes out of town, he has a little private talk with O. about being helpful. O. to me today: “Mom, do you want me to help you out with the laundry? I can sort it by colors for you, and even put in the detergent.” And then he DID IT. Oh, thank you sweet mercy.

    • So when can J. swing by here and give my kids a pep talk??

      It’s funny. I just had a similar conversation with my husband, who was asking gingerly and politely about the laundry piles and what I was doing all day since I was obviously not putting clothes away. I explained there is no time to put it away because it can’t be done when the baby is asleep. Or when the baby is awake. Argh!

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