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Haiku Friday: The Open Door

He slips his tennis
Shoes on the wrong feet and calls
To the dog. “Outside!”

They meander to
A sunny spot and lift their
Faces to the sky.

As the dog settles
In for a nap, the boy makes
Sandbox birthday cakes.

He collects berries,
Leaves, rocks, the occasional
Feather, and chalk bits.

He pedals his bike
Across the deck, detouring
Past the snoring dog.

Carefree yet careful,
He lobs things down the slide: stick,
Football, Frisbee, self.

He plays alone for
Hours, coming in only to
Report bug sightings.

I watch him. My boy.
So big yet so small under
The towering oaks.

I wish a fence and
His dog would always keep him
Safe. I know they can’t.

But, always, the door
(To the kitchen and my heart)
Will remain open.

How do you give your children freedom while wanting to protect them? What small things, like playing outside, remind you of the bigger picture? And what bugs have been spotted in your backyard?


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  1. Beautiful, Stacia.

    I’m all about free-range, as you know. They are bigger than we think. x

  2. “I wish a fence and
    His dog would always keep him
    Safe. ” love this.

    “But, always, the door
    (To the kitchen and my heart)
    Will remain open.” and this.

  3. You are so good at maintaining your poetic eye while drowning in laundry and granola bars. Please pass on some advice as to how you do it….?

  4. Love boys.

  5. It is so, so horribly cold here today… this post makes me ache for spring!
    I can’t wait for those lazy days in the backyard!

  6. What a gorgeous ode to your boy! I love the bit about the open door!

  7. Such a cute photo! Little boys are so much fun. I miss when mine would play outside in the dirt. At 11 & 13, they’re still fun, but it’s different.

    Giving kids freedom while also protecting them is such a difficult balance to achieve. I’m still working on it.

  8. This is simply beautiful. You have such a way with words, with poetry, Stacia. I’m so floored by your Haiku abilities.

    You captured so beautifully here a mother’s heart cry — my own heart cry. Oh, that they could stay in the safe confines of home, my arms for longer than what they do.

    So glad you shared this over at my place! Thank you.

  9. Sweet, Stacia. I so wish my mom had written me poetry…

  10. What Jana said.
    And, on my own: What an ode to a boy and his dog! This is sweet. The kind that aches a little.
    Jack isn’t often eager to spend so much time alone – yet. An exception is when he’s in the yard with a hatchet and a pile of firewood. No fence can help us there.

  11. There is nothing sweeter than a boy and his dog. Because with the dog snoozing beside him, he is never alone.

  12. No bugs in our backyard…yet! But the birds are starting to sing even thought we still have snow on the ground. 🙂 I wish I could write such beautiful, descriptive poetry. I just love picturing your little boy with his shoes on the wrong feet!

  13. This is poetic. (duh – that was a little dumb since it’s a poem). 🙂

    I meant to tell you to bring Dayquil. We are so glad we have it just now and you can’t get anything like it here.

  14. wow! he plays alone? my boys don’t do that well. Sweet words for your sweet boy.

  15. This is so lovely, Stacia! The happiness found in a backyard….and in watching from the window 🙂 It’s so hard to know that the backyard will always keep expanding, but I think…it’s exciting, too. He’s a good boy — he’ll do well in the world, exploring and keeping himself entertained.

    I’m so glad you linked up this week!

  16. My favorite bit?

    “So big yet so small under
    The towering oaks.”

    How to protect them and encourage the freedom they need? I don’t pretend to know, but I ask this question every single day.

  17. So sweet Stacia. I certainly don’t know how to protect my daughter and give her freedom too. I try my best to not be too protective.

  18. Love this description of your boy exploring and memorizing his world. I am slowly letting my 3 year old venture out without me (but only under the watchful eye of her big brother).

  19. Lovely, Stacia. It’s so hard, isn’t it? I sometimes worry if my son is not as mature as other kids and I wonder if I need to let go a little more. Not sure. He is 6 and I let myself let him play on the street with the other kids. Always there’s at least one adult out there, and I watch him through our livingroom window. In that way I can see him but let him think he’s being independent.

  20. I’ve missed my Haiku Friday, and this is one of my (new) favorites. “Coming in to report bug sightings” was my favorite piece of this.

    KAW said that P Motion was outside for four straight hours yesterday. Sounds so much like your little guy.

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