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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” — Arthur C. Clarke

Are your children masters of the mouse? What are their favorite games? How do you think computers hinder and help a child’s development?


See more technology-magic at Beth’s later this week.




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  1. My kids are pretty tech-illiterate. Javi has a laptop at school but he doesn’t use a computer at home (though we have 4 in the house). Bella has no interest (likely because her brother doesn’t use it).

    But those pics? Priceless. The last is my personal favorite!

  2. I must have those gloves and that tutu!

  3. My kids are way tech savvy with what they have. We don’t have any cell phones other than my husband’s work one, but I forsee that becoming the next item in the house sometime soon… I’m sure they’ll teach me all about it, too!

    Computers ROCK for education. ROCK. Corinne has learned so much on and Seriously. Esp Starfall. That is my FAVORITE! And as they get older, is fabulous for reinforcing grammar, geography, math skills, etc. while also talking about helping others.

    • is one of our favorites, too. I’ll have to check out the others you mention!

  4. In spite of being a blogger, I do not care much for technology. My 5-year-old learned how to “work” the computer at about 2. I’ve been stressing about the fact that my second one hasn’t yet learned, mainly b/c I don’t have the time and patience I used to when there was “just one around.”

  5. OK, truth: did you put the gloves there or her. That is way too adorable. And the tutu behind the chair: I gasped.

    • I didn’t stage the gloves, believe it or not! My daughter took them off because they were too hard to wear and work the mouse at the same time.

  6. I love that every photo you show of your daughter has her wearing dress up. She must have the best imagination!

    My kids are decent with the computer. Some skills are required for kindergarten, so anyone sheltering their kids from computers is doing them a disservice.

  7. Love the princess at the computer!
    We’re a laptop-only family, but Jack reads books and plays a handful of games on the iThings, and we have a Google Image session a couple of times a week (this morning, the search was for “x-rays of broken legs.”).

  8. The tutu and the gloves are my favorite part of these pics. I never had one growing up, but I find that it transforms (at least in my daughter’s case) her mood.

  9. love those red shoes!

  10. I can hardly get to my computer because some kid or another is on it. Love the tutu! I should wear one when I’m blogging, perhaps it will inspire me.

  11. that quote is great! i’m using it in my you capture faves round up at 7:00 and will reference that i found it on your cute blog 🙂

  12. Several cute ones here, but I think the last is my favorite. Who doesn’t want to work on the computer wearing a princess dress/tutu?! Love it! 🙂

  13. Mine love the computer. Though I pretty much only let them on PBSkids or Build-a-Bearville. All things in moderation.

  14. I love the composition in these shots!

  15. I love that outfit on your daughter! With a daddy geek, baby geeks are inevitable, as is the case in my house. My daughter, just like Leslie’s son, is already iProficient. Kids these days, I tell ya…

  16. My kids barely know the computer- I need to just give them my old one because they need to get more familiar, but I can’t risk them messing up the one I work on For now- they don’t get a lot of any type of screen time. 🙂

    Great take on this week’s theme.

  17. Great shots! I like the pink gloves by the mouse and the one with your little guy in the red shirt – great angle! My kids are masters of the computer. They like – not sure the age but they started going there in Kindergarten. We have to monitor computer time at our house or they’d be there all the time.

  18. Great job! Love it! the gloves by the mouse and the tutu at the desk. too cute! great interpretation of a theme 😉

  19. love the last shot!

  20. Emily is just now learning how to use Ben’s awesome phone. It’s quite amusing to watch her.

  21. Love the last photo! Those shoes are too cute.

  22. I love the legs photo. Mr7 likes the games on the lego website, though now that’s got a DS he doesn’t use the computer as much.

  23. Mine love PBS Kids, and what they call “click on fish” — actually Poisson Rouge, an amazingly intuitive site with tons to do. Had a rough afternoon this week when the pediatrician (not the one I prefer) blamed O’s nasty behavior during a visit on video games, based on the fact that he wouldn’t immediately put his Leapster down and hop on the exam table. Ridiculous, but not so much that I didn’t second guess myself…

  24. Great shots…I love the one with the gloves and the mouse. You make me want a new camera so I can experiment with photography more!

  25. Our computers at home are ancient, and our office space is a public health hazard, so the kids do computer time at the library. Flora also loves the computer lab at school. They can both look at pictures and play games on our phones, too. I know the Wii is more video game than computer, but Mario Party 8 is teaching my girls coordination, math, and strategy, so I’m going with it. As with everything, moderation is key. I try to limit screen time to about an hour, although it’s been a long winter, and with a new baby, the girls have probably had more TV and Wii time than I would like ideally.

    I cannot wait for spring, which isn’t at all related to this post! 🙂

  26. Beautiful photos! My first grader is very saavy with technology and can handle our camera in ways we have never dreamed of. Technology to this generation is like bread and water! I used to laugh at my parents that we had to hold their hands through programming a VCR – soon it will be my turn.

  27. Precious photos!!

  28. Oh my gosh. So cute. My kids are still not allowed to use the computer for now (phew).

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