Haiku Friday

March 4, 2011 at 8:20 am | Posted in Guest Posts, Haiku Friday, Lollipop | 8 Comments
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Haiku Friday: In the Neighborhood

Thanks for knocking on
My virtual door today.
Leave a note, won’t you?

I’m down the street at
Amy’s house. With her three kids
And my three kids. Chaos.

You know Amy, right?
Super-speedy, super-strong,
Super-smart. That’s her!

She skis. She writes. She
Has a soft spot for old shirts.
And Steve Guttenberg.

Come by and visit.
See why I hate monkey bars.
And socks without mates.

Thanks so much, Amy.
I can stay for movie night,
Right? I’ll make popcorn.


Haiku Cliff Notes: I’m writing over at Never-True Tales today, as part of Amy’s Won’t You Be My Neighbor? series. Hope to see you there!



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  1. I ski. I write. I’m right now wearing a shirt that is 28 years old! Please, can I play?!

  2. I love your poems. And I despise monkey bars. But only because I’m too old to do them. (Not that I ever could…)

  3. This is great Stacia. I love the movie night reference. I am certain it will give Amy a chuckle too. Headed over to Never True Tales to check out your version of the monkey bars.

  4. Mad haiku skillz, as usual! Heading to see you in super-strong form at Amy’s. 🙂

  5. You never fail to surprise and impress!

  6. Fun :). I will drop by Amy’s.

  7. Stacia, maybe I am flattering myself, but sometimes I feel like we were sisters separated at birth. Everything you write, the perfectionism, etc. Except for the monkey bars and upper body strength! That was always my “strength,” actually in a kind of freakish way. I beat all the boys at the flex arm hang, and could even beat my husband at arm wrestling when we first met. I was in gymnastics, so that helped. Anyway, I feel like I have come around, in a similar way as you described. Still beat myself up occasionally, but learning to give myself grace for the mistakes and realize the value in just being there, and continuing to try, even after failures. 😉

  8. How did I miss this excellent poem?! Made me smile today! And yeah, come on over for our next movie night! Thanks again for joining me in Won’t You Be My Neighbor!

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