Photo Tuesday

March 8, 2011 at 8:59 pm | Posted in Bun, Photo Tuesday | 25 Comments
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“It is the nature of babies to be in bliss.” — Deepak Chopra

When do we lose the bliss we’re born with? How do we find it again? And are tiny toes, chubby cheeks, and peach fuzz blissful, or what?


See more body parts (and, perhaps, babies) at Beth’s later this week.




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  1. Definitely blissful!! Oh, those cheeks. Sigh. So sweet!

  2. Awww precious!

  3. How yummy!

  4. The very definition of bliss, to be sure. Love that first pic!

  5. The little feet always get me.

  6. Oh! The baby toes!

  7. I love the piggies in the green grass. Spring is coming!

  8. Definitely the yummiest baby pics I have seen today!

  9. I want to squeeze those baby cheeks! Great job!

  10. Love the picture of the toes – so cute!

  11. Oh my- is there anything cuter than baby toes?? So adorable.

  12. So precious!

  13. That first picture is so precious!

  14. So, so lovely.

  15. Baby feet get me every time. Love! That crawling through the tube shot is great.

  16. Love the little feet in the grass!

  17. Beautiful. It just doesn’t seem so long ago. This put a smile on my face.

  18. Love all that sweet, smooth skin! Babies always make us so happy. You are right – at what point do we lose the bliss? Babies and kids know how to live life right.

  19. I love your Photo Tuesdays. What camera/lens do you use?

  20. that is one yummy baby!

  21. Definitely – you’ve captured baby bliss! Makes me miss it terribly!

  22. Aw too cute…when do cute little feet…become not so cute and little! 🙂

  23. This is too precious. I love this babydom!

  24. Love all the cute little body parts! 🙂

  25. Sigh. These are so cute. Babies are bliss.

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