Haiku Friday

March 25, 2011 at 12:01 am | Posted in Giggles, Haiku Friday | 14 Comments

Haiku Friday: Dandelion Tamer

The yellow blooms tempt
Him like beautiful sirens
He just can’t resist.

He walks and stoops and
Plucks and walks and stoops and plucks.
The perfect bouquet.

Where the world sees weeds,
He sees magic and beauty,
Wishes, just waiting.

Wilted, windblown, or
Missing all of its petals,
Each one is worthy.

He is a tiny
Gardener, single-handedly
tending the city.

Do you know a dandelion tamer? Are dandelions worthy of attention or weedkiller? How does your child’s interpretation of the world inspire you?



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  1. Oh how lovely, where we see weeds, he sees flowers. I have a little girl who sees them too.

  2. My Bub is SO a dandelion tamer. Nothing like a cup/case of dandelions in the middle of the table!

  3. Dandelion tamer – so cute!

    I don’t believe I’m saying this but I WISH I could see some dandelions around here. This dreary winter weather is getting so old!

  4. Two days ago, I caught my daughter planting dandelions. Yes, planting them!

  5. Yep, dandelions and buttercups are no match for the little hands in my house. We have shot glasses full of both!

  6. awww!! so sweet. mine love to pick “flowers” too.

  7. Sweet 🙂

  8. I hope you are OK with this. I copied your flower and pasted it into my gratitude folder calling it “Stacia’s Spring.” It’s so lovely to me. As well the poem.

    Do you remember the scene in the Little House books where the dandelion’s are carried carefully to decorate the roof of the home? I love that image of their home on the praire covered in yellow.

  9. Dandlion tamer, oh my goodness I LOVE that. And indeed I have one in my house, and I suspect this year that will blossom to two!

  10. That was so beautiful, Stacia.

    Pixie is a dandelion tamer. She picks them by the handful and gives them to me. In the summer I often have several dried dandelions on the little ledge below the clock in my car. They are sweet reminders of my sweet girl.

  11. Love, love, love this. I’m printing this one out. So beautiful.

  12. Love this Stacia. My daughter hasn’t yet the learned the love of dandelions, but I suspect she will.

  13. So beautiful, Stacia. You have such a gift for haiku.

  14. I love this. Where do we lose that outlook on life? We can learn so much from our children.

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