Haiku Friday

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Haiku Friday: Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

It smells like socks, French
Dressing, Fantastik, and poop.
(Could that be my kid??)

Bright, flashing lights woo
Tiny people, their eyes as
Round as their tokens.

Play! Win! Get tickets!
Bop the gophers! Roll the ball!
Shoot the ducks! Again!

Good manners get lost
In the static-y shuffle
Of small, velcroed feet.

Kids everywhere rush
To hug a purple-clad mouse.
Or is he a rat?

The prize counter calls,
Offering up plastic crap
That won’t last the day.

Still, they come. They swarm.
Slinkies! Straws! Erasers! Tops!
It’s childhood’s manna.

Good ol’ Chuck E. Cheese:
Where a kid can be a kid …
And moms can go nuts.

Do you frequent Chuck E. Cheese? Can you explain the appeal? And what’s the best/worst thing your child has brought home?


Bonus Haiku: Out of the Park
Besides allergies,
Spring means just one thing: baseball.
Swing, batta, batta!

Today, I’m calling
The plays at Mammalingo.
Bring your mitt, okay?



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  1. Um, I’m SO glad there are no Chuck E Cheese’s around here. πŸ˜‰

  2. I was anti-chuck e. cheese for a long time without ever having gone to one. And then my now 4yo asked to have her birthday party there. And it was easy peasy. We haven’t been back, although my kids have asked. But I would go to spend the rest of the tokens we have, maybe on a weekday when it’s not too crazy. I keep meaning to blog about it — it absolutely wasn’t the nightmare I had expected it to be.

  3. I’m fairly certain that Chuck E. Cheese is one of the lost circles of hell.

  4. Yes. Not Chuck E. Cheese but its equivalent. My daughter loves it. From playing skee ball to amassing tickets to collect junk. But I don’t mind (at least for the first hour or so) because she loves it so much.

  5. I remember the kids used to love it there . For them it was fun πŸ™‚

  6. I have, as of yet, managed to avoid taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. The only one near us is still a 40 minute drive and I’d rather do many other things before trekking that far for that craziness.

    My kids have gone though. God bless my In-Laws!!

  7. I haven’t entered a Chuck E Cheese in years — and I don’t wanna! It’s a heaven for bada$$ kids!

  8. Daughter hates it. Son loves it. Mom? The diversion is great, the chaos? OMG.

  9. Thank you for letting me share you wonderful essay! On Tumblr, just an FYI, you can click on the date near the “hearts” that people left you so you can read the comments. (I would say the “hearts” are a bit cheesy but I guess Facebook already took the “thumb.”) Anyway, funny you should write about Chuck E. Cheese. I was forced to let my son finally go there (at six) last week because of a birthday party. I had avoided it as long as possible — and now the kid’s hooked. He wants to go today. Ah — no.

  10. Ug. Okay, honestly, some of them are nice some aren’t. Or maybe that was just the two I’ve been dragged to for parties. But, in my little alternative universe, you can ONLY go when invited. I think my daughter has forgotten the greasy pizza, clanging token heaven. The rat scared her. Especially the robotic one.

  11. Have NEVER been. Don’t imagine we every will.

  12. I’ve done a single birthday party there and it seems no more nor no less than any other child play-place type place. All those places are gross (IMO) the germs, the poop smell, the constant need to feed tokens into a machines. Ugh. There are somethings I just don’t miss now that my kids are a little older.

  13. I’m so with you – I can’t stand Chuck E. Cheese! Their pizza is the worst. We’ve gone once and I’ve since been fending off (for the last 1.5 years) requests to go back.

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