Haiku Friday

April 8, 2011 at 12:01 am | Posted in Giggles, Haiku Friday, Lollipop | 9 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Just Another Manic Fun Day

Fun: dunking pretzels
In your big-kid cup until
They squish in your hand.

Fun: peeing in the
Yard, even if your pants and
Socks get in the way.

Fun: putting stickers
On the cat, especially
When he howls at you.

Fun: jumping on the
Bed, even though you know the
Fate of the monkeys.

Fun: using seven
Dollops of soap to wash your
Toes in the sink. Twice.

Fun: giggling over
Knock-knock jokes that don’t make sense
And involve poo-poo.

Fun: unloading clean
Dishes and folding towels.
(Mom likes this one, too!)

What do your kids think is fun? What do you think is fun? And where’s the overlap?



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  1. They just don’t internalize that monkey story like you’d think they would after hearing it hundreds of times, do they?

    Terrific picture. That is toddler in spring.

  2. This made me smile-so cute 🙂 love it!

  3. LOL. I could see my Mr4 in this post. Right down to the peeing on yourself bit. 🙂

  4. Yes, yes, yes! I can see and have seen it all, except that we don’t have a cat. Also, our version of FUN with laundry involves dumping already folding laundry out of the basket and banging on pots with spoons (going on as I type).

  5. You crack me up.
    Lately fun here is tending to sick stuffed animals, telling me to “shhh” because the animals are sleeping, giving them shots, medicine and bossing them around.

  6. Mom’s idea of fun: reading stacks of books, sitting in the sun outside.
    Kid idea of fun: taking all the cushions off the couch and jumping on the empty spots. Riding on the roof of the cozy coupe in the basement.

  7. My fun is walking with the sun on my back but a cool temperature in the air. Anything that includes my dog. Laughing with my kids. Learning something new that surprises me. And sorting. I love sorting just about anything.

  8. Great fun examples! My son loves jumping on the bed and knock knock jokes too. Alas, we have little overlap because I have never been a particularly “fun” parent (or child, for that matter)…I’d have to say it is fun for us to dump dirty laundry in the washer…he pretends he’s playing basketball…

  9. My daughter loves to be a monkey on her bed. She also loves to play cook and baker with all of her play kitchen toys. She is always hard at work making something.

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