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April 11, 2011 at 12:01 am | Posted in Family, Transylvania | 22 Comments
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This one goes out to the one I love. Who is, at this very moment, buckled in his window seat, finishing off a single-serving bottle of wine (probably red), eating the mystery meat, and savoring his one hot towel.

The one I love? Is on his way to Romania.

It’s the last day I’ll see him for a while. And it’s the first day of our family’s greatest adventure. We sent him off with drawings, cards, photos, videos, and favorite snacks. With lots of hugs and a few tears. With reminders to find us a castle to live in (from the kids) and to not drink the water until he’s sure it’s okay (from me).

And I’ve got one more going-away present. My annual birthday list. It’s made up of items I’ve collected throughout the year in the mental filing cabinet labeled “Marriage” — little ways he’s helped out or made me laugh or solved a problem or saved the day. It’s my way of saying, “I love you. I appreciate you. And I’m glad you change poopy diapers.”

But this year, it’s my way of saying something else: “Thanks, babe. For helping me find the courage to embrace this adventure. For reminding me I have the strength to go it alone for a while. And for believing the year ahead of us will be nothing less than incredible.”

So, here are some of my favorites from this year’s list. It goes out to him, the one I love with my whole heart (and the one who will owe me a few hundred diaper changes when I see him next).

Why I Love You — 2011
1. When I text, “Come home; bring dinner,” you text back: “On my way.”
2.You’re never surprised (or upset) to find that the camera card is not actually in the camera.
3. You always listen, even when you don’t know what to say.
4. You brave the garbage-disposal muck to fish out whatever I dropped down there.
5. You make all the phone calls I don’t want to make.
6. You use words like magicjack, slingbox, and freeware in everyday conversation.
7. You have a screwdriver, a battery, and a hard drive for everything.
8. You secured passports for three pint-sized world travelers.
9. You make an exquisite fruit-and-cheese platter.
10. You play CandyLand (and enjoy it).
11. You could win a gold medal for fastest car seat installation.
12. You make me smile. Every. Single. Day.

What little things do you love about your significant other? Have you shared them? And who fishes stuff out of the garbage disposal at your house?

You make all the phone calls I don’t want to make.



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  1. He sure sounds like a keeper! Item #1 is particularly wonderful. I’m so excited to follow your family on this big journey!

  2. I agree with Kitch, he sounds like a keeper 🙂 Your adventure begins, I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. I work hard to let my husband know I appreciate him every day, even when (especially when!) I’m sometimes too tired to stay up until he gets home from work. He makes me laugh; he’s an awesome father; and, yes, he does the dirty work of taking out trash and sticking his hand down the disposal. he’ll even scrub the tub if I ask nicely!

  4. Also: I can’t wait to read about Romania! what an adventure that will be. You’ll have us, although I guess we can’t just pop over and babysit your kids for you!

  5. I’ve always known I loved you. There are some people who you can feel have something under the surface, propping them up…holding them together, keeping the seems from popping. Thanks for showing me the list that is your reason.

    Because now I know about the One You Love and The One Who Loves You. And I know you are the kind who lets him know.

    PS: you can sooooo go it alone for a bit.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. My dad is here with me, which is a huge help. But our family unit still feels a little fractured without my husband, so we’re just holding on tight until we’re all together again and trying to remember this is just the first step of our grand adventure.

  6. I forgot to tell you about my man. He buys us coats and boots. He keeps us warm in every way you could imagine.

  7. First step to a great journey! Embrace the adventures and beautiful new memories my friend, and for everything else, you will have us, supporting and rooting for you.

    Agree with Kitch – he’s definitely a keeper. I totally dig the car seat and words-I-do-not-use part of My Guy too so I know what you mean. Good luck to him for being away from his family – I’m sure it must be hard for him. And you, my dear, you know where to find us. At least virtually 🙂

  8. Awwwww! This made me smile. 😀

  9. The adventure begins! You are certainly strong enough. And, I love this version of keeping score!

  10. Awww… this is so sweet!
    How long until you join him in Romania?

    • We’ll go over at the end of May. So he’s got 46 days (more or less) to find us a place to live and a car … and figure out how to navigate the grocery store. =>

  11. Oh, what a wonderful list! You’re a lucky woman, and he’s a very lucky guy!

  12. Very sweet Stacia. My heart goes out to you. I know these next 40 something days will seem to go so slowly. Lovely that you have him to share the adventure with.

  13. I was just talking to one of my best girlfriends the other day about how it is so important and so refreshing when women sing the praises of their men. You have a good one and I am sure he feels blessed to have you too, a woman who recognizes his efforts and wonderful qualities…and says them out loud!

  14. Aww. Been thinking of you since the weekend!
    No garbage disposal for us – though my Mr. does take out the compost. 🙂 And those hate-to-make phone calls are tops on my list, too.

  15. I love your list and the very idea of such a list. Love is in the details, after all.

    My hubby deals with all kinds of stuff that I’d prefer not to from bill paying to getting the registration stickers for the cars to playing Star Wars action figures for endless amounts of time.

    Stay strong for the next 45 days. I know you can! So excited for all that is ahead for you and your family!

  16. Aw. He even makes phone calls? I think my guy is allergic to a dial tone. I hope he’s settling into Romania (and not driving anywhere – dang that gas is expensive)!

  17. Wow – good luck to him and to you! It’ll be good to have a “host” when you get to Romania. I’ve got goosebumps thinking about your arrival there with the kids! The story reminds me a bit of my family’s – my father also went ahead first to the US from Peru when I was 3. My mom stayed behind with me and my 1 year brother at the time while my dad found an apartment, got furniture, etc.

    I love that you’ve started writing these lists. What better way to arm your man than with love?

  18. I hope the time goes quickly and you are off on your adventure soon.

    My husband is not very good at complements, so I try to find those good things and thank him for them right away.

  19. Oh Stacia. This made me smile and miss him for you. Wishing you and him and your family lots of luck and love on this journey.

  20. Oh #3 and #10. That pretty much sums it up. You are a lucky woman. Your kids are lucky too.

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