Haiku Friday

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Haiku Friday: Mail Call

They see the mail truck
And squeal like tweens with tickets
To a Bieber show.

“Where’s ours?” they demand,
Certain there’s something for them,
Like a lawn-care ad.

Sometimes it’s pay dirt:
A Chuck E. Cheese invite or
The latest High Five.

Sometimes it’s fool’s gold,
Addressed to “Resident” or
More credit card junk.

Sometimes it’s pure bliss,
Like when there’s an envelope
In the envelope.

Sometimes it’s Christmas:
A package on the doorstep.
“The brown truck’s been here!”

The mail’s sole purpose?
To be colored brick red or
Slathered in stickers.

It’s all a postmarked
Canvas, and my children are
Tiny Picassos.

Does the mail excite your children? Are they as happy to get a grocery store circular as mine are? And does spotting a UPS truck spark pint-sized euphoria?



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  1. As far as they are concerned the mailbox is a treasure box. I send them little trinkets and notes from time to time, as does my mum. Such fun!! x

  2. That last stanza is superb.

    The newest Highlights is always a big deal around these parts. Lots of “discussion” over who gets to do the hidden picture section.

  3. Mail changed me.

    There’s a big story here. I’ve written it down. Too long for comments. But you’ve brought a tear as I remember the Grace.

    Thank you..

  4. My kids always complain that they never get mail. I wish they could make treasures out of it like yours do.

  5. You nailed it. I don’t loathe junk mail so much anymore, because I know my kids will get a kick out of it. Which saves them from tearing apart the important stuff, like bills. Though I really wish I could let them color and scribble all over those, too.

  6. I’ve always loved mail. It’s a quirk I’m sure, but it is one of the ordinary things that I’ve always cherished. My daughter has inherited this feeling about mail too.

  7. That’s cute. My son loves it when packages come, which is fairly often when you’ve got one grandchild and 4 long distance grandparents. He loves anything with his name on it, and I can’t believe that even American Express (junk mail) has found him!!

  8. Mine are old enough to only be excited when the mail is for them (and real). But yes, they love it when it is! And when it’s from Grandma, it is usually full of stickers, and ready to be decorated…as if she read their mind. 🙂

  9. It’s wonderful to have tiny Picassos… The mailbox is a treasure…sometimes books arrive to my son’s delight 🙂

  10. My son LOVES to get mail. He has a subscription to National Geographic Kids from my In-Laws and he gets Lego Club stuff. He gets super psyched when something comes for him. Pixie doesn’t get mail that often, and since Wonderboy can read, I can’t pass off the “Resident” stuff to her. She doesn’t seem to mind though.

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