Haiku Friday

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Haiku Friday: Tisket, Tasket, Easter Basket

Dear Easter Bunny:
Sunday’s your big day. Are you
Ready? We are, too.

She will have jelly
Beans and licorice. And some
Lollipops, of course.

He will have Smarties.
And Hershey kisses, only
If perfectly wrapped.

The baby doesn’t
Need anything, maybe just
A couple more teeth.

And Mom? Mom will have
Caffeine (in any form) and
Sweet, sweet Cadburys.

Please don’t forget those.
Secretly scarfing them down
Saves my sanity.

What’s that? You’re cutting
Back this year? Hard times and all?
Just bring my eggs, ’kay?

What’s in your family’s Easter basket this year? Does your Easter Bunny shop the $1 Spot at Target, too? And Cadburys: yea or nay?



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  1. Yes yes yes to Cadbury!

  2. Oh! how I love coloring eggs. What a wonderful colorful feast for the eyes. And finding them! Ooh yeah.

    My babes are so old. And they like sleep on Sunday mornings. 2 years ago my 16 year old daughter wrote a note to the Easter Bunny: “Bunny, please, PLEASE, save me from my brother who isn’t allowed to hunt until I’m awake. Hide all my eggs in one basket and make it HARD. Let him go without me while I snore. Thanks for understanding.”

    My kids have pity on their mom who needs some things to remain the same.

  3. I’ve been off chocolate for six weeks supporting Mr7’s first ever Lenten endeavours. We are both more than ready for Sunday. And next year he has promised he’ll give up something much less difficult!

    Happy Easter!

  4. No to the Cadbury–too sweet! I need a salt lick in my basket 🙂

  5. I’m not picky. Any form of sugar or chocolate is perfectly acceptable!

  6. Yes,yes,yes to chocolate 🙂 I love the part that the baby maybe needs a couple of more teeth-so cute!

  7. Yes to the Cadbury eggs, though I need a big glass of iced water with each. The Easter Bunny around here brings Starburst jelly beans and chocolate peanut butter eggs. There was a tinge of disappointment at CasaMEP last year so this year the Easter Bunny will also be bringing some chocolate bunnies. The Easter Bunny would definitely shop at the Target $1 bins, except that S/He NEVER gets to go to Target without the recipients of said dollar treats. Hubby has volunteered to go to Toys R Us and buy a smallish toy for each from the Easter Bunny. We’ll see how that goes.

  8. My kid doesn’t need a holiday to shop at the $1.00 spot at Target. It is a year round temptation. But, I confess, I am sucker for some Target too.

  9. Big thumbs up for Cadbury Mini Eggs. I LOVE them!!!!

  10. I love mini eggs and the Easter cream eggs – YUM! But the Easter Bunny definitely cut back this year, too. We don’t need all that junk in the house! And the kids are happiest just searching for chocolate eggs anyway!

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