Haiku Friday

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Haiku Friday: Humane Society

New hands will pour your
Food and scratch your ears now. They’re
Good hands, I promise.

You guys be good, too,
Okay? (That means no licking
Your unsavory parts.)

And don’t snatch fresh-baked
from counters, plates,
Or donut boxes.

Offer to help clean
The peanut butter jar but
Don’t eat random poop.

Puke in spots that can
Be cleaned and try not to beg
For olives and cheese.

You want to shred the
Toilet paper roll, I know.
But it won’t win friends.

Stake claim to cozy
Dozing spots, but remember
the feel of our laps.

And remember us,
Our scents, our faces, our laughs,
When, finally, we’re home.

This weekend, I will hand over our animals to the friends who have agreed to foster them for the year. Along with food bowls, squeaky toys, and leashes, I’ll leave a sliver of my heart. Are you a pet person? Do you understand?



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  1. You scared me with that title! I thought you were having to give them up for good!

    I know they’re not the same as kids, but our pets DO hold a sliver of our hearts. I’m sure they will miss you like crazy, but will be thrilled when you return. How wonderful that you have friends who are willing to “adopt” them for the year.

  2. Oh I love my pets. They are part of my family. I love the little prose fyou have written for them. Bless your friends for looking after them. Those are so hard to find.

  3. We don’t have pets (yet) but I grew up with dogs. I understand. They are your family, too! I’m glad you found a foster home for them for the year. But you seem to be asking an awful lot! No licking “down there”? Impossible! 😉

  4. You’re blessed to have friends who would foster your pets for you. I’m sure they will be in great hands, although I know you will miss your furry kids all the same.

  5. Wait – you’re REALLY going to Romania for a YEAR?

    We had to leave our cat for various stretches when we were in the NICU (8 hrs away) with Col, and then again during our sealevel trips (one of them was a year long – and we came home with a baby!).

    Good thing animals are forgiving. I bet you’re so excited to see your husband.

  6. So glad you have people who can foster them until you’re back. Sweet bitties!

  7. So sad. I am a dog person and I know how hard it is to leave them. They are a part of the family. So sad for you. 😦

  8. I get it. Sad. Bright side: I bet you won’t miss the extra hair!

  9. Awwww… I’m sorry. But how wonderful that you’ve found families for them for the year. It’s like THEY get a foreign vacation, too!

  10. You must be getting so close!! I wish you guys all the best with your final preparations, and safe travels!

  11. Oh, I get this! Not having a litter box to clean would be nice, but I would miss the rest. Deeply. Still, I envy you the adventure.

  12. We have two cats and a dog and that must be super hard. At least you know it is only for a year.

  13. Ah, makes me so sad! But they will remember you. I love the pics, I love the advice you give them. To some they may just be animals, but you’re right, they are most certainly a part of the family.

  14. pet lover here too..would not be able to part with mine, although somedays I could do with a break from cleaning poo

  15. […] friends struggling to have a baby, property taxes due, and fresh tortillas any day of the week. We schedule midnight calls with our vet’s office and do Internet searches for “canine hypercalcemia” and […]

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