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Haiku Friday: Tears for Fears

He’s a happy kid,
Until he slows down enough
To think about things.

While I run errands,
His mind runs wild with worry.
“Don’t leave me, Mommy.”

His nightmares wake him.
He’s all alone in the dark,
And he can’t find me.

I fight foggy dreams
And creaky floors to get to
Him and hug him tight.

“I miss you all the
Time,” he whispers. His hot tears
Burn my sleeve and soul.

How do your little ones handle big changes? How do they express emotions they can’t quite understand? And how do you comfort them?



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  1. Oh, burn they do. Gosh.
    Jack reacts similarly – wants control and closeness. And I love to hold him tight, but his fear makes me so sad.
    It’s a big change your boy is confronting. I’ll wish him plenty of speed until he’s comfortable enough to slow down and take it in with less fear – and, in the meantime, plenty of cuddles.

  2. We’re having similar fears with my little man at work. They’re preparing for a huge move overseas and there’s so much happening that he doesn’t understand. All the furniture and everything else was packed and taken away in the container earlier this week, so there’s been some adjusting to do. Lots and lots of tantrums, tears and cuddles this week. We always think kids are so resilient, but their fears are often worse than ours. We know and understand what’s happening even if the thought of us scares us, but they can’t understand it the way we do yet.

  3. Oh my little guy says this too: “I miss you all the time, mama.” Even when I’m right in the next room. I can’t imagine how this big, big change is affecting everyone, but I’m sure that as long as he has you near, all will be right in the world.

    Best of luck!

  4. That is so sweet. I wish mine were that sweet, when they’re upset over something they tend to act out. In my experience, though, kids handle big changes a lot better than we think they would. I’ve said it before like a hundred times, but they are incredibly resilient. As long as they have you, they’ll be just fine.

  5. He is so sweet. I can understand your fears–I worry greatly how Emily and Andrew will react to our big move. I suppose, though, that having us there will make it that much easier. Right?

    P.S. I hope you are having fun at your mom’s house!

  6. Moving is tricky. Changes are so disruptive. Tears and fears will fade.

  7. I pick my daughter up from school and the first thing she says is, “I missed you so much momma.” It’s a running theme in our house. Even when I go out to take out the garbage, she wonder where I am.
    I’m sure there will be some adjusting to the change, but with you and hubby near, he will be comforted. Lots of love and luck Stacia!

  8. My kids used to be clingy like that- the youngest does every now & then and we have to stop & think about what might be making her insecure. Fortunately for them- I don’t leave them. I’m sure it would be much worse if I did. I try to use a little tough love when they start in- otherwise I think it validates their feelings & makes them act like that even more. I try to teach them to face their fears head on.

  9. I know those fears make you worry, but know that this experience will be so good for him. He’ll be stronger and smarter from this, and your family will share a memorable time. Wishing you strength to power through his worries!

  10. Poor baby. I hope his adjustment period (and everyone else’s adjustment period) is quick. Big hugs.

  11. I hope he feels better soon:) My two little ones go through this from time to time. I just hug them tightly and tell them I’m here for them, and if I’m in bed, I’m not far away

  12. Sorry about his nightmares, but the part of missing you is so sweet. I hope his adjustment will be a quick one 🙂 hugs !

  13. Kids are little mirrors of us, aren’t they?

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