Haiku Friday

May 27, 2011 at 12:01 am | Posted in Family, Haiku Friday, Transylvania | 10 Comments
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Haiku Friday: Air Male

Sunday bubble baths,
Horsey rides, and knock-knock jokes:
Daddy’s job again.

My tech support, my
Fellow Gleek, my snot-wiping
Partner has returned.

All feels right again.
But the countdown continues …
Eight days and we’re off.

Do you do a happy dance when your co-parent returns? What do you miss most when your partner is away? And any last-minute tips on flying with children??



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  1. Ahhhh. So glad to know you are all united. And now the adventure begins. My tip: drink.

    No, I’m serious. My little ones got seriously dehydrated on an overseas flight and it wasn’t pretty.

    Of course, drinking might have helped me deal with the situation a bit better. So, yes, drink on all counts.

  2. With five kids I do the happy dance big time:)


  3. Separate planes?

    • Wishful thinking! Ha!

  4. Hooray!! I would be doing an unbelievable happy dance if my husband were gone for a month (or more, right?).

    I can’t believe your journey is so close. Hey, at least you’ll have your husband with you for the flight, right?

  5. I dance and sing, and often make a break for the door. You have fun now…

    Planes. Hmm. Bring cups. But you’re good at that. Wind up toys rock. So does etch a sketch and magna doodle (mini versions). There are fancy books with sticks that you can rub off something and color shows. My then five year old spent an ENTIRE flight doing one picture.

  6. When he returns, I know he will take over the night time routine – brushing teeth, getting her ready for bed and a bed time story. It helps me catch my breath.

    For flying, I recommend colors and coloring books.

  7. So glad you are reunited 🙂
    For flying..favorite snacks,coloring books,movies on a small dvd player. My son loves to play his gameboy when we travel.

  8. Ohhhhh….Your man flew back to fly with you guys. Wow, your husband keeps getting more and more epic in my mind.

    Coloring books, lots of snacks, dvd’s, mazes, chapter books, wiki sticks, clay, and don’t be afraid to get a cocktail.

  9. Oh my oh my oh my!
    So soon so soon so soon!
    A big adventure awaits you all.
    I can’t even begin to imagine!
    Here’s to peace on the flight!

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