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“Longest way round is the shortest way home.” — James Joyce

We are far from home, but slowly, we are building a home here in Romania … a potted plant, a bowl for keys, favorite blankets tucked into bed corners, familiar towels hanging on silver racks. Yes, even in our bathrooms, we are re-creating the comfort and comforts of the home we temporarily left behind. They make it just a little bit easier to adapt to the newness of this place, where it takes a translating app to navigate the grocery store, a squeegee to clean the bathroom floor, and a spoon of Nutella to make boo-boos better.

1. The inside of my front-loading washing machine, which is in the bathroom. A dedicated laundry room is an unheard-of luxury here.
2. A favorite alligator hooded towel shipped from home.
3. The best way to pass the rainy afternoons.
4. One of my little artists, who will soon be covered in orange paint and in need of a bath.
5. The neighbor’s yellow porch, as seen from the bathroom.

Have you ever found yourself in a strange, new place? How did you make it feel like home? And do you have a favorite towel?


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  1. It’s an adjustment time but you are with your loved ones so that always makes it home 🙂 I love this post 🙂

  2. That top picture is so captivating!

    I’m trying to recall how I made South Korea and Japan feel like home, but I’m drawing a blank. I think running helped; lacing up and giving myself time to really see everything from the ground helped me also see my part in it.

    I feel like it would be harder for me now . . . but that it would still be very much an adventure!

  3. Yes, I have a favourite towel. It is green, a little bit scrachy, big enough to cover everything. Hope your towels make you feel more at home.

  4. 1. I once took a photo of the inside of our dryer that looked quite a bit like that. Also, you’re probably lucky the laundry is in a bathroom and not the kitchen. 🙂
    2. My boys have that exact towel.

  5. These seemingly small things aren’t small at all. They make a home feel like home.

    Having moved overseas several times over the course of my life, I know that taking even one or two items from home helped with the adjustment.

    And love the pictures!

  6. This post reminds of my summers in India. We would stay there for 3 months and I felt so strange at times switching from my home in the US to India. We would bring Tang and Koolaid packets to remind us of our summers in Texas.

    Love the images and that quote from Joyce.

  7. When my husband and I moved to the South Bronx, it was a strange new place, but we were so newly married we didn’t have much that “reminded us of home.” We learned more for this trip! I brought my cooking knives, he brought some favorite books, and for the 2 1/2 year old (now 4) we made sure the talking “Cranky the Crane with Sir Top’m Hat” made it into the luggage so we didn’t have to wait for it! Glad you’re settling in to your home here!

    • Yes, we absolutely had to ship over some trains and train track … and a huge stuffed Thomas pillow. Those are the important things! =>

  8. Love the glimpses of home and really tickled by your neighbors’ yellow porch. In an old apartment, I had a washer/dryer in the kitchen … not so bad really. I think I could get used to anything, except maybe going to the laundromat!

    • I know! Several people have recommended ironing my laundry, towels and sheets especially, to make them softer. Except, um, I hate ironing. I don’t think you could pay me to iron my towels, no matter how scratchy they are when they’re line-dried! =>

  9. Sadly, I have lived in the same town my entire life. This sounds like an exciting adventure to me!

  10. these are some great shots, love the last one

  11. these are great shots! and a good glimpse into your new romanian life. we’re getting ready to pack up for new places and it’s nice to know your kids are adjusting with touches from home.

  12. 3 is my favorite… I love the angle and colors!! How fun!

  13. Oh wow! That does sound like quite an adventure. I hope you guys have an easy transition and a lot of fun in your new home.

  14. Sounds like you guys are on quite an adventure right now! I love all your shots, they are great! As a teenager my family moved every two years, I believe 8 different houses in 6 years (my dad is a builder) and I began to associate home with people, not a place or things. It was my family that made where we were at the time feel like home 🙂

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