Haiku Friday

June 17, 2011 at 4:27 pm | Posted in Family, Haiku Friday | 8 Comments
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Haiku Friday: My Bunny Daddy

He always cooks the
Scrambled eggs because I make
Them taste like rubber.

He replaces things
Like hot-water heaters and
Old, warped bunk-bed slats.

He plays Barbies and
Legos and Candy Land and
Tea Party and Trains.

He reminds me to
Have patience and a nap and
Skip the Coke refill.

He earns the paycheck
But is quick to say my job’s
the one with long hours.

Wise, calm, romantic,
He’s my Yoda, my Spock, and
My Lloyd Dobler.

Happy Father’s Day, Fluffy Bunny Daddy!

How will you celebrate Father’s Day this weekend? With a tea party? A Lego-building contest? A plate of sliced pork fat??



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  1. Finding those daddies that are a perfect balance of us? So perfect.

  2. Excellent! Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!

  3. How sweet, Stacia. Y’all are so blessed!

  4. LOVE this! I was so focused on the baby portion of the picture I failed to see outside that for several seconds. 😉

    Ba.D. has mirrored my Mother’s Day request of having the morning off. I’ll be heading over to the ocean and giving him a chance to sleep in. I’ll probably check in with his mom and grandma to see how they feel about dinner out, too.

  5. You have your own Lloyd Dobler? Swoon. I loved this.

  6. So sweet. How can you go wrong with Yoda/Lloyd Dobler? You just can’t!

    I’ve been reading all these posts and plan to catch up on comments soon. Things are crazy Casa MEP.

  7. My husband plays Candyland, tea parties and camp with my daughter. It is one of the best gifts he has given to me.

    Such a sweet tribute to fatherhood.

  8. I love the photo. That’s hilarious and sweet.

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