Haiku Friday

July 1, 2011 at 6:10 pm | Posted in Giggles, Transylvania | 4 Comments
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Haiku Friday: The Jar

He carries around
A plastic peanut butter
Jar I washed for him.

Its red lid keeps his
Treasures tucked away, safe from
This strange place he’s in.

An orange balloon,
A green scrap of paper, some
Stickers, and some rocks.

Those rocks, solid and
Dusty, are a perfect fit
For his little hands.

And they never change.
No matter what else does, those
Rocks, that jar, are his.

What objects bring your children comfort? What comforts you? And what suggestions do you have for helping a little one cope with big changes?


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  1. šŸ™‚ my son also would come home with treasures of rocks and sticks…he was so delighted. Love this!

  2. Li’l D’s books bring him comfort. He may not yet be able to read, but that doesn’t stop him from hauling around those little windows to other worlds!

  3. I don’t think my children have a comfort object. At least, they don’t have one in particular. Each day results in a new something clutched in their hands, a new object to covet and — most often — fight over.

  4. Do I count as an object? My daughter relishes in “carrying’ me wherever she can take me. I am sad to confess that my cell phone is an object that gives me comfort.

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