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“He was in love with life as an ant on a summer blade of grass.” — Ben Hecht

I hate summer. I hate the heat. I hate sweating. I hate the sun beating down on me. And while Romanian summers are cooler than what we’re used to back home, we’ve had an exceptionally hot week here … and there is no air-conditioning. The only thing that’s kept me happy (okay, realistically, what’s kept me less cranky) are sticky ice-cream faces; sweet, sweaty baby curls; my smart husband, who gives me his hat when I forget mine; and this beautiful place, which distracts me with its history, its skies, and its impromptu fields of flowers.

How do you keep your cool when it’s hot? What distracts you from the heat? And what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


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  1. Oh, man, I can’t help you out here. I love the heat! And I live in Canada.

  2. Coffee! I love coffee ice cream even more than I love coffee, which is a lot. 🙂

    I don’t tend to pay attention the temperature unless it’s very, very hot, in which case I tend to search for the coolest place and hide there till it’s cooler elsewhere. Of course, I have the luxury of saying this only because I don’t live in my mother’s native Arizona!

  3. Mint chocolate chip, yum! I lived without air conditioning for a couple years. I remember taking LOTS of baths on hot days. If I was short on time, I would run my head under cold water and pretend I had gone swimming. I also made a lot of dinners using a slow cooker so I could avoid turning on the stove. Hope your heat wave is over soon!

  4. Swimming in cold water, the clink of ice in a glass (I’m told hot tea cools you better, but I can’t do it), shade, more water, frozen wet washcloths on the back of your neck, fans, being still, movie theaters, frozen anything.
    I don’t mind heat, but this wet hot air is just killing me.

  5. Nice photos, Stacia. 🙂

  6. Cool walkway by the trees.

  7. I am not fond of summer, either. The heat makes me crabby and gives me headaches. Thank goodness for ice cream! My favorite is cookies’n’cream 🙂 MMMM!

  8. I know this sounds so stupid…but I was not expecting it to be so beautiful over there!!!

  9. Yes yes yes!!! I love all these summertime shots, but I just adore the sunflower shot the most for some reason. Great capture.


  10. These are all beautiful. I love the sweaty curls and the night sky. I agree with you on the hot weather! I like cooler climes.

  11. look at that field of sunflowers! LOVE it!

  12. Summer isn’t my favorite either, but thus far it’s been pretty mild and enjoyable! I hope it cools down for you soon 🙂

  13. I love all your photos but the sweaty baby hair and the ice cream cone are so endearing and nostalgic respectively that I love them the most!

  14. The forest walk there looks like Germany. I can’t believe I never realized you were in Romania before. Wow. That’s got to be a really interesting experience, especially with 3 little ones. Our 2-3 year stint in Germany has become 10 — so hopefully you find yourself enjoying every moment and embracing the unexpected.

    I’m still not used to living without A/C when it gets super hot, but thankfully this year we haven’t needed our portable one even once.

  15. When it gets really hot we live in the pool (it’s just a little kiddie one) but it keeps us cool! I love the baby curls, oh they are just so sweet!!

  16. Those are some sweet baby curls! I’d have to say Chocolate Mint Chip, but I can put away Sherbet like nobody’s business. We head straight for the water when it’s hot out.

  17. Your photos are wonderful. I certainly love those little sweaty curls. I’m spending most of my week sitting in the air conditioning this week because we are under an excessive heat warning here.

  18. Really fun summer photos! Love the third one with all the pretty green trees.

  19. WOW- what a beautiful place!

  20. Ice cream and baby curls. What a lovely combination!

    No more baby curls around here, but frozen yogurt. (Does that count?)

    And every now and then, the sweet smell of the air after a humid rain. It may not alleviate the heat, but the scent is delicious.

  21. I feel for you because I cannot live without air conditioning! But watermelon helps, as do ice tea, frozen yogurt, water hoses, and flowy white clothes 🙂

    Lovely pictures. Hang in there!

  22. Ice cream and your sweet baby! Seems to go hand in hand. No air conditioning?! Again your Romania adventure reminds me of my summer vacations in India, where there was no air conditioning, but plenty of goalas (Indian word for the best crushed ice snow cones). Stay cool my friend.

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