Haiku Friday

July 22, 2011 at 3:00 pm | Posted in Haiku Friday, Transylvania | 9 Comments
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Local Color: The Produce Guy

His carrots, with dots
Of dirt and green-sprout mohawks,
Call to me. Buna!

I point and pluck the
Phrases from my brain like a
Drunk cherry picker.

“English?” he asks me.
“Yes,” I say, “but I’m trying
My româneşte.”

“Don’t,” he says. “Please don’t.”
In my head I call him names
I won’t detail here.

He hands me the bag.
I fumble the strange, slick bills.
Then he hesitates.

“You can practice with
Anyone, but I can’t. I
Want to speak English!”

So we do. I smile.
And ask for a half-kilo
Of strawberries, too.

How do you navigate language barriers? Can you curse in a foreign language? And where do you get local produce?


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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  1. I find it refreshing that he wants to practice his English 🙂 The language barrier is not easy but people seem to manage 🙂

  2. Oh, I love this! (And one of the things I love about Europe is being able to walk to the local produce guy, not to mention the baker, the butcher, and so on…)

    As for cursing in another language?

    Um. Oui. In several, as a matter of fact. (Isn’t that what we learn first?) 😉

  3. you know I’m drooling over those tomatoes!

  4. Hey there!! Am so enjoying your tales. When it comes out in book form, please reserve one for me–autographed, please!

    • So glad to “hear” your voice. And worry not, your autographed copy will be at the top of the stack! =>

  5. Why does produce everywhere else in the world look so much better than even the ones we have here at Whole Foods where everything looks like it’s designed for display? I’m so jealous!

    And oh, I can curse in way too many languages. Not a skill I’m especially proud of mind you.

  6. So glad that he clarified the language thing. I would have wanted to call him names too! You’re just doing your best to get by for heaven’s sakes!

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  8. […] Read more Local Color: The Preschool Teacher The Produce Guy […]

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