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Local Color: The Preschool Teacher

When I first saw her,
She was shimmying with her
Class to ’80s Cher.

I raised my eyebrows,
And my husband said, “Don’t be
A prude. It’s Europe.”

Turns out, her heart is
As golden as her dance moves.
She cares for those kids.

When Lollipop was
Sick, she asked us to e-mail
Her with an update.

When Giggles doesn’t
Want me to leave, she lets him
Feed the class goldfish.

In the midst of whines,
Tantrums, and sandbox squabbles,
She’s always smiling.

When have your first impressions been wrong? Can you shimmy to Cher? And preschool teachers are saints, aren’t they?


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  1. Yes, preschool teachers are saints. Glad you found a great one.

  2. I cannot shimmy to Cher, but I would appreciate a teacher who could AND would! How wonderful that you have found such a great person to have a part in your kids’ Romanian experience!

  3. Sounds like you’ve found “family” where none existed. (I love shimmying to Cher!)

  4. Sometimes we find saints when we are not looking 🙂

  5. My first impressions are wrong more often than I like. I love that she was dancing to Cher.

  6. I absolutely LOVED Munchie’s Kindergarten teacher this year. She is one of those people who is doing exactly what she was put on this earth to do. I didn’t want Kindergarten to end… because the Grade 1 teacher? hmmm… notsomuch.

  7. “Don’t be a prude, it’s Europe.” You married a good one.

  8. […] more Local Color: The Super The Preschool Teacher The Produce […]

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