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“I’ll tell you how the sun rose,

A ribbon at a time.” — Emily Dickinson

A dear friend got some terribly sad news a few days ago. When she told me, I wanted to be there. To take her out for our favorite pancakes. To sit on her couch and hand her tissues while she cried. To get lost in crossword puzzles together. But I couldn’t. I’m 6,000 miles away. And I felt so very helpless. So I went for a walk to soothe my own heart, in the hopes that I could somehow vicariously soothe hers. I found small surprises hidden behind fences and bursts of brightness in the midst of decay. Even though it was dusk, I felt the sun rising a ribbon at a time. And I hope that soon, very soon, she can feel it, too.

How do you comfort from afar? How do you cope with bad news? When do you feel the sun rising?


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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  1. Words can provide such consolation, even from afar. But it is hard to be distant when you want to reach out and be there – in person.

    (Love the pictures, by the way.)

  2. Nice photos !

  3. Great photos and I wish your friend well!

  4. My heart goes out to you and your friend. Sometimes the solace is knowing that people are in your corner, truly knowing that you aren’t going through bad stuff by yourself. I know you’ve given that to her.

  5. Stacia, so sorry to hear this. The act of listening to your friend can be a great balm in times of distress. I know you listened and will continue to do that for her. Sending positive thoughts her way. xoxo

  6. I always love your photos. You take such innocuous items and make them seem so vibrant.

    My sympathies to your friend, and to you for not being there to comfort her. I was thinking about those distances this morning. There were some moments joyous and heartbreaking I was helpless to participate in while living in Japan. I had no internet connection for a large part of that, so I’d make what calls I could and send the 500-character emails my phone would permit. It helped a little, but . . . oh, it was heartbreaking.

    I actually left my mom’s house a couple of days before she died. I needed to remove my son from the area to ease her passage. Those days were so hard, because I wanted to be there for her, and for my siblings. I feel I made the right choice, because removing my son had the (painful, horrible) desired effect of moving her toward release from her physical torment, but I would never want to live those five days again. My comfort was knowing that my sisters were there for each other, and there for my mom for each of those last moments . . . and, of course, in knowing my mom had lived long enough to meet the first of what I hope will be her many, many grandchildren.

    Sorry this took such a somber turn. This is all just to say, I know the agony of being far away, but the words and connections we maintain from afar are still of some comfort, speaking as they do the line between hearts that remains unbroken by distance.

  7. thinking of your friend and you

  8. Your photography is such an art. These are so beautiful. I agree with Deborah the Closet Monster and her comment about the innocuous items.
    I am so sorry about your friend.

  9. As a fellow expat, I know how you feel… it is the most helpless feeling in the world. Distance is cruel.

    Lovely photos.

  10. Aw, great captures – especially love the doggie. Praying for peace for you and your friend.

  11. I really love the contrast in that first shot. Sorry about your friend, I understand how hard it can be to live away from everyone. I hope today is brighter for them.

  12. Love the kitty!

  13. I feel, as blogging buddies, that I can relate to this–how many times do we offer comfort to each other even though we are miles away? Many. As frustrating as it is to not be there and offer hugs, I know your friend appreciates you and your thoughtful, and heartfelt, words.

  14. oh did the dog get his head stuck???

    • No, I think he was just interested in the neighborhood dinnertime smells and seeing a new person, so he stuck his head out pretty far … better sniffing radius. =>

  15. What a beautiful arrangement of photos. I love the way you frame things. And what a therapeutic way to handle hardship and pain too (going for a walk to savor what is beautiful in life). I find it difficult to comfort my loved ones from afar, but it is something I must do because I live between 6 and 8 hours away (though not nearly as far as 6,000 miles!). I really do wish that I could get better at it. I try to be optimistic and positive so that I can be positive for the person who I love and who is having a hard time. I am seeking out other ways though because I don’t know that I always come across as “affected” as one ought to. Glady welcoming suggestions!

  16. the dog reminds me of Sprocket on Fraggle Rock….

    • That’s so funny, I thought the same thing. Even posted it on Facebook!! Great Fraggle minds think alike. =>

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