Haiku Friday

August 12, 2011 at 10:12 am | Posted in Haiku Friday, Transylvania | 9 Comments
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Local Color: The Super

“You’ve got an old guy,”
They told us when we moved in.
“He’ll take care of things.”

A who? He’ll do what?
We wondered. But they were right.
We’ve got an old guy.

He lives below us,
Across from the tool closet.
And he fixes stuff.

He mops the hallway,
Makes more room in stuffed trash bins,
And fights with the weeds.

With no teeth and lots
Of eyebrow, he sort of looks
Like Abe Vigoda.

He talks to the kids.
They talk back. No one cares that
They can’t understand.

He makes Bun laugh and
Pretends not to notice when
I drive through the shrubs.

Yep, we’ve got an old
Guy and he takes care of things,
Like the five of us.


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  1. I need an old guy…

  2. I second Lyndsay. Where can I get an old guy?

  3. Hooray for those who take care!

  4. It’s nice to have an old guy to take care of things 🙂

  5. He seems like such a comforting presence. Glad you have him around.

  6. Dan likes to call himself the Super around here; fine by me.
    Glad to hear the kids are communicating with the locals.

  7. I need an old guy too.

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  9. […] more Local Color: The Super The Produce […]

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