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“I bear a little more than I can bear.” — Elinor Hoyt Wylie

We managed one wonderful day in Italy before I broke my leg and our weekend getaway turned into an indefinite stay. With the hospital, surgery, the distance from my children, immobility, physical therapy, I feel as though I’ve had to bear a little more than I can bear lately. But even with the nearly impossible weight, I’ve found peace. It’s the strangest thing. It’s not constant, it’s not complete, but it’s there. Something bad happened to me. It hurt. It was unexpected. And it changed the course of our adventure in Romania, no doubt. But I made it through. I am making it through. In the hospital in Italy, where very few people spoke English and nearly every night was a dark one, some of my favorite nurses would squeeze my hand and murmur “forza” and “coraggio.” Strength. Courage. I’ve found them. I’ve relied on them. And they’ve brought me peace.

Have you ever had to bear more than you can bear? How do you summon strength and courage? How do find peace when life gets tumultuous?


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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See more peace at Beth’s on Thursday.




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  1. Nice photos !

  2. Stacia, I love this post. There have been dark times in my life, it’s difficult to pin point one thing that helped. I think a part of it was faith that things will get better and never losing hope that it will. I hope every day gets easier for you!

  3. We are usually not privileged to know the WHY of our dark times, but we can rest assured that God does, and that He allows these situations so that we can get something out of them.

    When I was 16, my house was destroyed by a tornado, taking with it my security of feeling safe in my home. My parents were home at the time, and by God’s grace, they were spared. It took a long time before I was able to see past the dark time of that event, but eventually I was able to have a different perspective.

    I pray that you find the peace and courage that you need to make it through, and that you’re still able to make this year in Romania a great adventure with your family. I’m so sorry that you are going through such a tough time, but you are such an inspiration to me with your attitude and your perseverance!

  4. Oh Stacia, I feel like I’ve been a terrible online friend, but I’m thinking of you, and wishing you continued happiness found among calmer waters as you recover. You know I’ve been in a place where I thought I would lose myself because there was so much more than I can bear, but I got through, and so will you. I promise.

  5. Those moments of tumult in my life are often (looking back) the same moments the birth my strengths. I think often our courage is masked by our fears and it is only by facing difficulty that we see ourselves as we are. You are strong and very brave.

  6. I so want to say that in moments where things were unbearable I found the calm in my soul. But I didn’t and haven’t. I am not very adept at dealing with unexpected bad surprises, but your words give me hope that it is a definite possibility.

  7. We never know what events or accidents are going to be the making or remaking of us, do we? I am so glad to hear you are finding those moments of peace, even if they are only, well, momentary! Be well, my friend.

  8. Glad to hear you’re on the mend.

  9. Oh boy! I read yesterday’s post and was so sad for you but glad you are home. I hope you heal quickly.

  10. Yes yes and yes – I so know how you feel. Facing the unbearable. Feeling helpless. And yet learning to cope and having the resolve it takes to weather the storm. You know that “this too shall pass” and it will my friend. Even the most unbearable, when behind us, can surprise us with how much we’ve learned, how much we’ve grown and how much we could bear even when we thought we just couldn’t. Love and hugs to you Stacia.

  11. Having one of those days I am praying is making me stronger and more courageous. This work of making people is hard, hard work. I am in awe that you are doing it on crutches. I can feel that darkness of the nights you spent in pain, and I so glad you are back moving towards lighter days.

  12. I love your words here. You are brave, Mama, to do all that you do, spending the year in Romania, to start. And always, you have a good attitude. I am so glad you are back “home” with your peeps.

  13. Wow. What a beautiful post. I’m encouraged by you and inspired by your strength. Here’s hoping your peace lingers.

  14. there is so much “oh my… sigh…” here that i don’t even know where to start. so glad there’s peace at the end.

  15. lovely – I hope you do feel better soon!

  16. WOW- what an AMAZING place! I soooo have a thing for beautiful architecture!

  17. I love the horse shot! Great pics! Stopping by from You Capture =) Hope you have a great weekend!!

  18. So sorry to hear of your injury. I truly believe we’ll never be in a situation that we cannot handle. It’s just that sometimes we must ask for help or strength from sources we cannot see.

  19. Great photos! I like the horse.

  20. Stick with it … 🙂

  21. Love the photos! And I may have to take your suggestion and turn those peppers into hummus. I bought the plant on a whim and didn’t have a clue what I’d use them for lol.

  22. I’m reading “backwards” discovering your dark moments in reverse. Sorry about your broken leg and your dark nights. You are bearing what you didn’t believe you could. Isn’t it amazing where angels live? How tender a voice can be? One word and a soft sqeeze can mean so much even when we can’t understand the word.

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