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Haiku Friday: The Skeleton Crew

They took care of me
While these bones healed, these eyes cried,
And this mind worried.

My nurses: Some I
Wanted to punch, others I’ve
Friended on Facebook.

They all smelled funny:
Like Marlboros, parmesan,
Or really ripe pears.

There was Pino, the
Surfer-dude-nurse, with sun-bleached
Curls and lots of jokes.

And B*tch Nurse, whose name
I never learned. She’d scrub you
Raw, then let you scream.

And Nurse Hathaway’s
Twin, with the same demeanor.
No Doug Ross though. Sigh.

And Ruth, who spoke the
Best English … along with four
Other languages.

And gorgeous Paola
With the orange hair clip who
Helped me find forza.

No offense to them,
But I hope we never meet
Again. Grazie! Ciao!

Ever had a good nurse? A bad nurse? A b*itchy nurse? A surfer-dude nurse? Doesn’t it make all the difference??


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  1. I totally agree! Having a nice nurse really makes you feel instantly better! It’s like having your Mom right there!

  2. You are oh, so right…a kind and competent nurse makes all the difference in the world. I’ve been a nurse since I was 20, and after becoming a mom and gaining years of experience, I hope I can say that I am one of the “kind, competent” ones. Why some people go into a profession of caring is beyond me…there are plenty of other ways to make money. Thank God for the people who are called to this profession and find a way to care and give to their patients without burning out themselves.

    ps. Hope you’re feeling better as those bones mend. How on earth are you taking care of the house and kids and chores? With lots of help, I pray!

  3. Oh, my first time in a hospital, with my baby, I was surrounded by five bad nurses and one amazingly wonderful one. Her name was Rachel. Nurses matter so so so much!

  4. I nominate this for the Best Use of the Word “Friended” in Poetry Award!

  5. Yes! They make ALL the difference!!
    Hope you’re getting some rest with 2 of the kiddos back at school!

  6. At each of my babies’ births, I had AMAZING nurses — even with Gabriel. The care they gave, the strength they imparted, the way they supported was unreal. Each time, I came away with an appreciation of the profession.

    None of them smelled like ripe pears or cigarettes though. πŸ™‚

  7. Most of my experiences with nurses were the hospice nurses who helped me and my siblings as my mom was dying. They actually worked together to formulate a way to help us despite the fact they were initially rejected, and their help was a much needed light in hard times.

    I hope my experience with nurses continues to be so positive . . . and also sparing!

  8. Wonderful haiku!

  9. great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ happy day.

  10. A nurse makes all the difference because you feel so captive.

  11. A good nurse helps cultivate positive energy when you need it the most. Glad you had some of that goodwill during your stay.

  12. […] 18: Walking tall. Three months ago today, an Italian nurse in Cheeto-colored scrubs wheeled me out of my room and down into the frigid depths of Ospedale San […]

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