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“While we teach, we learn.” β€” Seneca

Preschool started again last week for Lollipop and Giggles. It’s been a welcome change to have them back on a daytime routine that does not include hours-long stretches of enforced silence while the baby naps in our teeny-tiny European apartment (as if enforced silence actually works with the pint-sized crowd). While the fixed schedule, international friends, and abundant opportunities to exercise their vocal chords have been wonderful, we’ve found that the kiddos don’t actually need their Romanian preschool to learn. Every day in this temporary home country of ours, we’re trying out new words or new parks or new foods. We’re stuffing our pockets with pretty new weeds or wrinkly new seeds. And we’re finding adventure in everyday outings like trips to the bakery, the hardware store, and, um, the orthopedic surgeon. The best part? The grown-ups learn, too.


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
Read the tales
See the photos.


See more back-to-school at Beth’s on Thursday.




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  1. The 1st shot is particularly strong – thanks

  2. I love those photos! Are you kids learning Romanian easily?

  3. Love the pinwheels! How are you feeling?

  4. I am so jealous of this amazing experience for you and your family. I spent a year in Germany when I was a kid and it is a highlight of my life. I would love to give my daughter something similar. There are certainly challenges, but so worth it.

    Lovely pictures!

  5. Giggles and Lollipop look bigger! They do that, don’t they. And they learn and then teach us so much!

    Preschool started today for my baby too. She was READY. No tears. Nothing. We’ll see how next week goes. But, for me, even one morning of peace was brilliant.

  6. I love the colors in these photographs. (And seriously, I cannot believe how big the baby is already!)

    • 16 months already. Can you believe it? And I’m not even going to worry that he’s missing his 15-month and 18-month well-checks while we’re here. Not going to worry! Not … going .. to … okay, I’ll just worry a little.

  7. The colors in your pics are gorgeous. Loved the pinwheel pic. I toted those around as a little kid.

  8. love the color in the pinwheels.
    Enjoy the quiet.

  9. Love, love, love these. Beautiful!

  10. I also love the pictures!! I would LOVE to live abroad for a few years…get the experience of an entirely different culture…

  11. I love your picturial ‘take’ on back-to-school – the least two pictures say it all!

  12. Love the shot of the hopscotch and all the great colors in your other shots. πŸ™‚ And love the last line of your words too…

  13. sounds like you have it all down momma!

  14. Aww. Such sweet photos. Love the first two.

  15. LOVE the perspective on these!!!!!!!!!

  16. Beautiful pictures! This is such a great learning experience for them to live in another part of the world.

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