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“The golden-rod is yellow;
The corn is turning brown;
The trees in apple orchards
With fruit are bending down.”
— Helen Hunt Jackson

As summer wanes and the days get shorter and cooler, people in Romania are scurrying around their gardens and kitchens, collecting hodgepodge bounties of this and that, then chopping, boiling, stirring, and scooping into rows and rows and rows of glittering glass jars. Cold is coming. Everyone can feel it, including my own unseasoned family. Just like Hunt’s apple trees, we are bending down, acknowledging the shift in the seasons and the cool air on our shoulders, even as we turn our faces one last time to the sun. We’ve already rifled through our boxes of warm clothes and pulled out jackets, fleece pants, and fuzzy hats. We’ve hammered out a morning routine that will get us up for school and out the door on time, even when it’s still dark. And we’re harvesting a bounty of our own. But instead of fruits and vegetables, ours is filled with crayon drawings, math worksheets, and wrinkly-cornered books. These things — with their bold, bright, wobbly scribbles and accidental creases made by tiny elbows — will sustain us through the cold just as much as the jars in our pantry.

Can you feel the cold coming? How are you acknowledging the end of summer? And do you know how to can stuff??


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  1. Hi,

    Just thought I would stop by and say Hello after stumbling upon your blog. I have yet to discover the delights of canning … if you have any recipes for preserving red cabbage and beetroot – please do send them over!

    Your writing is lovely and while I may have stumbled into your world, I think perhaps I shall stay a while and most certainly visit again.


  2. That first picture of the sunflowers is really cool. It looks like you could walk across the tops of them to that barn.

    Seasons are changing here, too. For the last month, hundreds of geese lift off a field right behind our house just after sunup and fly over, honking and squawking. That’s how we get the 5YO to stay in bed each night: get to sleep, and I’ll get you up at 6 to sit on the deck and watch the geese. Awesome time of year.

  3. I love love love apple season.

  4. It’s our first truly chilly day here today and I celebrated with my first pumpkin spice latte. It was time, and it is delicious!

  5. I used to help my grandmother with the canning when I was a child. I really wish that I remembered more about how to do it.

  6. We’re still not feeling the cold on this part of the east coast, but things are changing–the way the sun shifts and lands, for instance. And, as always, I love your pictures.

  7. I love…love…love the sunflowers and the rest. I hope you are feeling better 🙂

  8. When I read this earlier in the day, I laughed and thought, “I can’t feel the cold–I live in L.A.!”

    On the opposite side of the day, I’m sitting in my long-sleeved PJs thinking, “Wait, that earlier answer wasn’t remotely right.” For my part, I think it really is mostly the sleepware that changes.

    If I’m lucky, I’ll even be able to put Li’l D into a few sweaters!

  9. I feel it. And I am collecting soup recipes….for the fall. Because fall equals soup.

    • Mmmmmmmm, fall does equal soup. We just made two big pots yesterday! If you find any good recipes, will you send them to me??

  10. It is really cold today in Ohio and it’s the first day I can feel winter coming. Brrrrr. Hope the winter there is bearable for all of you!!!

    • It will be our first one with snow! Where we live in the States, everything shuts down if more than 10 flakes start to fall. So this winter will be … interesting, to say the least! And fun, too, I hope. =>

  11. it turns out that hot cocoa with pumpkin spice is quite wonderful….

  12. yes, I certainly do feel the cold coming – I’m not ready!!

  13. I want a print of that first photo. GORGEOUS!

    And we had “apple” work to do in our house this week too.

    And no, no cold here yet. Still in the ’90’s!!

  14. Great pictures =) the last one is my favorite! Stopping by from You Capture =)

  15. These are so great!!!

  16. It’s been quite chilly here in the mornings as well. Fall is definitely just around the corner.

    The sunflower field is lovely. We have lots of sunflowers around here as well — but I just love it when I come across a field of sunflowers like that!

  17. Lovely shots, I especially like the bird flying. It looks so peacful!

  18. Gorgeous photos, truly. Hope you can keep the sun even through the cold.

  19. Cute apple perspective!

  20. I really enjoyed your writing on this piece – even if it is Photo Tuesday. Just this past day I felt the coolness of Fall though I’ve been hearing the clicking of the dried leaves for a few weeks now. Enjoy your colors.

  21. That first shot is just amazing! Great perspective.

  22. What a beautiful post. I love the way you have illustrated the poem. I have done a bit of canning this year, but our weather has not been good for gardening this year. I’m hoping next year will be much better. I didn’t have a single apple on my tree this year.

  23. This year summer wasn’t really good to us – chilly days and terrible thunderstorms were most of what I remember of it – and so I’ve been fighting the change in season with every ounce of my strength. Ironically, since it never felt like it got here, I’m not even sure what it is I’m holding on to.

  24. Love the sunflower pics and your perspective on your pics. I am also really enjoying reading about your adventures.

  25. I love the angles and edges in these pictures. Really vibrant too.
    Cold – What is that? The high today was 105 degrees in the desert. Cold doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon…

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