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“Industry is a better horse to ride than genius.” — Walter Lippmann

Romania is a country full of contradictions. Bulldozers and dump trucks routinely rumble up and down my residential street. So does a man in his horse and buggy about once a week, no doubt hauling produce to the market at Piaţa Mihai Viteazul. Cars and motorcycles park anywhere and everywhere because honest-to-goodness parking spaces are a rarity. Recycling containers are springing up around the city, though littering is still a big problem.

The country is in such a state of flux.

It joined the EU five years ago, but industry and individuality were oppressed for far longer under Communism. It’s going to take a while for people to collectively remember how to innovate, how to compete, how to set high expectations. In fact, many of our Romanian friends wonder why we would ever have chosen to leave the United States and come here. And to them I say: Things are changing every day. For the better. And being part of that is an experience I count myself lucky to have.

How are things changing for the better where you live? What experiences are among your most treasured? And have you seen a horse and buggy lately?


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  1. I’m hard pressed to think of how they’re changing for the better around me, but that’s an answer I hope will change before too long!

    I have seen a horse and buggy recently, but in a rather different context: the horse and buggy that lug a small number of Disneyland patrons between the front gates and the more central part of Disneyland. I don’t think I ever really noticed these before Li’l D, but now I can’t help but be excited by indications they’re coming, for pointing their approach and seeing Li’l D’s face light up is a treasured experience of its own. ♥

  2. No horse and buggies, but we live in a midwestern area that his its odd mix of art museums and farms and tractors blocking traffic. It is what makes it fun.

  3. I love seeing through your eyes.

  4. I just love your Photo Tuesdays!

  5. That second shot made me giggle. I love the simplicity of it.

    And no, no horse and buggy combos here… We do have a guy that lives near us that drives a REALLY cool our Ford though… 😉

  6. Great shots! My little guy would LOVE those first ones. He is all about “machines”. 😉

  7. Is that a nuclear power plant? It looks like what I envision one to look like.

  8. Love your shots, especially the dudes on the hay truck LOL

  9. Well, I have an ox. I’ve seen hayracks. I just haven’t seen them together. I love the way you show the contradictions to the country. Great shots!

  10. Love your pictures! We actually do have a horse… and buggy in our neighborhood. During the fall and especially during snow they both come out and the guy gives the neighborhood kids a ride.

  11. I see a lot of horses (I live in a pretty agricultural area), but not a lot of buggies. Great shots there!

  12. What an amazing adventure you are on! Love, love these photos!

  13. “Things are changing every day. For the better. And being part of that is an experience I count myself lucky to have.” What an amazing perspective. An awe inspiring.

  14. I agree with Justine. You have such an awareness of the environment you are in and your appreciation of it is definitely inspiring. And the photographs are gorgeous.

  15. I love the photo with the guy sat on a huge bale of hay on a horse drawn cart…. Romania seems like such an interesting place…

    And to answer your question, I didn’t see any particularly scary bugs. There was a huge beetle, but I don’t mind beetles! The thing is since I live in a city where you’re going to see huge cockroaches in the street, dead or alive, nothing will ever seem as bad!

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog last week. You have some great photos showing the contrast of primitive and industry. I really love the colors in the last one. I think I have relatives in Romania, but I’ve never been there.

  17. Beautiful photos in all your Tuesday posts. I think it’s exciting for you to witness the change and growth.And it puts our home country into perspective, eh? When you come back home you may just write another post saying the same thing, but now looking at the US 😉 When I moved back to the US after 8 years in Japan everything felt completely different.

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