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September 23, 2011 at 4:41 pm | Posted in Haiku Friday, Me, Transylvania | 9 Comments
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Haiku Friday: An Open Letter to Halle Berry

Dear Halle, It’s me,
Stacia, from Romania.
I just heard the news.

You broke your foot in
Spain. And I’m here to tell you:
I know, girl, I know.

It hurts. You don’t know
what anyone is saying.
And you want your mom.

Here’s some advice, from
Someone who’s been right where you
Are not long ago.

Take the drugs. Don’t be
Tough and try to ride out the
Pain. Just take the drugs.

Hire someone to give
You daily pedicures. (Casts
Make your feet gnarly.)

When you can’t sleep, read.
Or sing songs or do puzzles.
Don’t lie there and think.

Make ’em serve tapas
Or something. Just enjoy Spain
Any way you can!

I won’t lie, healing
Is slow. Slow. You’ll hate your foot
Before it’s over.

You’ll hate the doctor,
Therapist, pharmacist, and
Olivier, too.

They get it. It hurts,
And you’re frustrated. Cry. Curse.
Throw things. Get it out.

Think of your little
Girl. When you can’t be strong for
You, be strong for her.

What’s your advice for Halle? What’s your favorite thing about Spain? And how do your kids help you find strength?


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  1. Love it, Stacia!

  2. sweet of you to give such good advice 🙂

  3. Poor girl! This sounded more like a rap song than haiku to me. Did you possible have rap in your head when you wrote it?

    Hope your spirits are good.

  4. Love it! I don’t have any advice for Halle, and I’ve never yet been to Spain, but . . . the last question? I’m not sure how he does it, exactly, but it’s a product of just being his mom. (Obviously this is not heavy on my mind with fewer than 2.5 days left until his 2nd birthday!)

  5. He he – you find haikus in the funniest places. Love it!

  6. If you’re giving advice to movie stars, you must be feeling better, right?

  7. You and Halle are like sisters now…

  8. So has Halle written a series of haikus back yet? Maybe once she’s off the tough pain drugs. Love this post!

  9. Love this. Perhaps we should send it over to Halle’s people. She should definitely read this.

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