Haiku Friday

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Romania with Kids: An Unauthorized Guide

It’s totally fine
To keep your kid up all night.
Everyone does it.

Your kid needs to go?
Find the nearest tree. Squat. Shake.
Purell. Carry on.

Food taking too long?
Let your kid run wild in the
Restaurant. No prob.

Serve pufuleţi with
Every meal. Kids love ’em, and
Salt is a food group.

Car seats. Bike helmets.
Outlet covers and stair gates.
Purely optional.

Wake up. Turn on the
TV, and watch it until
Kids’ eyes gloss over.

How do you parent
In Romania? Do what
You want. I like it.

It’s strangely refreshing parenting in another country. Romanians are remarkably laid-back child-rearers, in my experience. There are no expectations, no judgments, no snide looks at the grocery store, no 27 activities you must enroll your children in to prepare them for a successful life. Except for the lax car-seat rules, I am embracing it. Let me just go turn on the TV …


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
Read the tales
See the photos.


See more dirty parenting secrets at Amber’s.




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  1. Oooo! Romania sounds like the perfect place to raise children, especially because the traditions so mirror my own parenting style. ; )

  2. I know that all the safety stuff is to protect our kids, but still, it makes life hard and I think it makes us think we’re supposed to protect them from EVERYTHING which is impossible and probably not even desirable.
    I wonder if we’d be better moms, better people if we accepted ourselves more, let go of what doesn’t matter and just lived. Salt, tv and all.

    Then again, the tv leaves my kid a grumpy mess. I guess she’d get over it eventually. Or I’d get more accustomed to the grouch.

    I love your haiku!

  3. Nice and laid back 🙂

  4. Well, might as well just prop your leg up on some pillows and join them on the couch! With some… salt.

  5. Romania sounds better and better every post.

  6. Oh good my canadian will fit right in :p well other than the carseats, outlet covers and gates. Those are for MY sanity, and so they will gloss over infront of the TV.

  7. It’s very eye opening how experiencing parenting in another country can be. I can’t help but feel that the US has just gotten more and more worried as the years go on, and we are fed so much media hype every day about doing this or that wrong and how we are in danger of sending our kids into therapy if we are too lenient, not lenient enough, blah blah. Enjoy it. I’m sure millions of Romanian kids turn out just fine!

  8. We don’t even Purell. Sounds awesome.

  9. It does sound remarkably freeing….

  10. Sounds wonderful. Heavenly, even.

  11. I think I would love to visit there… Never much thought about it, but it all seems like a great place to see and experience. How lucky you are…

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