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October 4, 2011 at 9:28 pm | Posted in Photo Tuesday, Transylvania | 7 Comments
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“Swinging on delicate hinges
the Autumn Leaf
Almost off the stem”
— Jack Kerouac

Fall is here. Honest-to-goodness fall. Sweaters-in-the-morning fall. Hot-tea-for-breakfast fall. Extra-blankets-at-night fall. Leaves-leaves-everywhere fall. I must say, it feels so very surreal. Where we’re from, leaves shrivel from the summer heat and then drop unceremoniously into crunchy heaps in the dark of night. But here, in Romania, there are colors. (Reds! Oranges! Yellows!) There are cool afternoon breezes that blow chestnuts and pine cones right out of the trees. There are birds, actual birds, migrating south. And there are happy kids, prancing from swing to swing and daydreaming of the snow they know is not far off.

What colors have you seen where you are? What signs of fall have appeared? And what’s your favorite hot-tea flavor?


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  1. It’s like you’re living in a movie version of life. Loving the leg/shoe/dress captures this week!

  2. I am a New England girl and love the fall colors. I’m in Northern CA now and we get some color change. Some years are even really, really bright. This year though, not so much. Enjoy those crisp sweater mornings (oh my favorite weather is fall sweater weather!).

  3. That’s so cool that it’s fall there, too. We are having the most amazing fall this year, with gorgeous colors and beautiful weather, and just enough rain that I don’t need to water my freshly potted mums. We even had a slight frost this weekend, which really made the colors pop.

    I’m a coffee girl; no tea for me. Hot apple cider, though? Delish!

  4. Oh, the beauty of fall leaves and little shoes on little feet. Lovely.

  5. Beautiful pics as always! Do you have a macro lens? I want one so badly!! We are having an indian summer week…80 and sunny!!!

  6. I love fall colors – and especially the feet photos, gorgeous!

  7. Love the beauty of the leaves. Just gorgeous.

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