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October 6, 2011 at 9:01 pm | Posted in Family, Haiku Friday, Transylvania | 17 Comments
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Haiku Friday: For My Dad

He hikes the AT,
and he can make anything
With wood and his tools.

He loves history,
Birds, peanut butter, and old
Clint Eastwood movies.

He darns socks and builds
decks and plants tomatoes and
Makes boo-boos better.

He takes his coffee
Black and his eggs with a splash
Of Tabasco please.

He taught me that it’s
Not worth doing something if
You don’t do your best.

He got on a plane
And crossed the ocean because
I needed him to.

He’s been here six weeks,
Changing diapers, cooking soup,
And hanging laundry.

Today’s his birthday,
And there just aren’t any words
Big enough for him.

Happy Birthday to my dad! Leave his some comment love, okay?


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  1. What a wonderful tribute to an obviously wonderful man! Happy Birthday to Stacia’s Dad!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Gene!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your dad! What sweet sayings…

  4. He seems like the kind of dad every girl should have, yet not everyone of us are lucky enough to know in our own lives. You are so blessed, but you already knew that.

    Happy birthday Gene! You sound like an amazing man. (I’m pretty sure you are, coming from the mouth of someone who I think is pretty amazing herself – good job on raising her! ;-).

  5. You can’t even top a dad like that! How wonderful for you and your babies to have such a great guy in your lives. I love him and I don’t even know him, but he’s obviously one-of-a-kind.

    Happy Birthday, Dad!

  6. This made me cry! I’m so glad he was able to be there when you needed him. And I’m sure there is nowhere else he wanted to be.

  7. What a great dad!
    And I am so glad that he is there for you! You are so blessed.

  8. Happy birthday to a wonderful dad! I’m sure he loves nothing better than being needed, and still this says what is best about family.

  9. Happy Birthday, Paw Paw!! Hugs to you and thanks for being the wonderful man you are!!

  10. Your Dad sounds awesome!
    Happy Birthday Grandpa Fluffy Bunny 😀
    Wishing you the best day ever. And may you have many HAPPY more!

  11. Happy Birthday to your dad! I read your poem with tears in my eyes. What a great father—there when you need(ed) him. He must be an extraordinary man to have raised such a wonderful daughter who obviously appreciates him.

  12. Happy Birthday daddy! You sound just like mine, except for the Tobasco. But seriously – just like mine!

    (And is the coffee good in Europe)?

  13. I’m late to the wishing-it, but–happy (belated) birthday to a wonderful papa!

  14. Happy birthday, Fluffy Dad. You sound wonderful – changing the nappies, the soup, the laundry and just being there for your (very gorgeous, very loved) daughter. You’re a cracker! Have a great year ahead. x

  15. Happy Birthday, Dad!!! You’ve always been there–I remember from Edwards Middle–and I am so thankful that you can be there to help out now!!!

  16. Happy birthday Stacia’s daddy! You are awesome!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad!

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