La Mulţi Ani

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La Mulţi Ani.

It means Happy Birthday in Romanian. And Lollipop will be hearing it a lot today.

She’s 5.

Five years ago, after 34 hours of labor (27 of them unmedicated), I finally held her in my arms and marveled at this pink, puffy creature who kept licking her squished-up fists. Who was she?

She’s spent every day since answering my question.

She is creative. When she makes cards for friends, she spells with fancy letters, which all end in a complicated series of curlicues.

She is smart. She can write her name, along with Mom, Dad, Giggles, Bun, cat, love, and a handful of others. She can add. And she can work a touch-screen cell phone way better than me.

She is strategic. Whatever is being served for dessert, she will have one bite left when her brothers finish. Exactly one bite.

She can work a room. In an authoritative voice that bests even my ninth-grade civics teacher, she announces, “Okay, everyone, it’s time to marker. Come choose a notebook please.” Then she inspects the work, doling out stickers for exceptional rainbows or properly drawn Ps.

She is vulnerable. Despite her self-confidence, harsh words hurt her. She holds it in until an ill-timed warning to stop blowing bubbles with her straw becomes, well, the last straw. And then the tears come.

She is inquisitive. How do snails grow bigger shells? Why are apples yellow, red, and green? Was I at your wedding? Where does the sun go at night? Why do we have three remote controls? What time is it in Texas right now? When will Bun get more teeth? Why is snow cold? …

She wants to win. Eating dinner, buckling up, cutting with scissors, counting to 10 in Romanian — life is a contest. Finish first or get upset. Maybe pout or cry a little, too. (We’re working on it.)

She is the Gaga of preschool, matching an orange sequined skirt with purple leggings and an “I ♥ Puppies” shirt. Or a green tutu over blue jeans with red plaid ruffles. Or her longtime favorite, the paint-stained Cinderella dress.

She inspires me. I long for the enthusiasm she has for the simplest things, like choosing a pair of socks and putting napkins on the table. In the way she tackles each day I see the character of her heart: earnest, eager, courageous, and precious.

She is precious, and she is mine.

Yes, she is mine.

How would you describe your children? How do they inspire you? And how do you celebrate birthdays?


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  1. Happy Birthday, Lollipop! 5 years is one WHOLE HAND! That’s an amazing year. Hope you all enjoy it to its fullest!

  2. Happy Birthday Lollipop! enjoy your day. 5 is so much fun.

  3. Beautifully written, Stacia. She will love reading this one day. (There’s a lot in there that sounds like my 5 year old…. I can totally relate. What characters they are!!!) 🙂

  4. Happy Mummiversary to you! And Happy Birthday to Lollipop!
    I love how beautifully you portrayed your daughter turning all into positives. I need to do that for my daughter ’cause she exhausts me. but I feel if I saw her traits in the light that you have then I will see her sparkle all the time as well.
    Have a great day

  5. Happy birthday, Lollipop! What beautiful words and a beautiful photo of a very special girl.

  6. So sweet. Happy Birthday to your girl!

  7. I love this post! 5, what a great age! Isn’t it wonderful how God uses our kids to teach us about life from a whole new perspective? Amazing!

    As long as she doesn’t take the Gaga thing to the “meat-dress” level, I think dressing with flair is a great thing 🙂

    Happy birthday, sweet girl!

  8. Happy, happy birthday sweet Lollipop!

  9. Happy Happy Birthday Lollipop! Love the pic.

  10. Happy Birthday Lollipop – I hope you never lose your spunk!

  11. Happy birthday Lollipop!!! What a special little girl. That picture is just stunning.

  12. La Multi Ani! She sounds like my daughter but with plenty of differences to make her unique. (like having one bite of dessert left over).

  13. I hope she had a great birthday!
    And I hope she had her bite of birthday dessert, just the way she likes it.

  14. Lovely post 🙂 And wow – 34 hours of labour!! Impressive…

  15. How beautiful – I love that she tells you every day who she is.

  16. Happy Birthday to Lollipop! That picture made my heart happy.

  17. Happy Birthday to Lollipop! great picture!

  18. I LOVE that picture. Oh my goodness, could you have captured the pure joy joy joy of your Lollipop any better? happy birthday (a bit belated) to your girl, who will always be yours.

  19. I am so late! Happy belated birthday to Lollipop! You wrote a beautiful description of her that captures all the beauty and joy of a little child in such a real way. I love the questions that she asks (seriously, why DO we have 3 remote controls?? If you add the Wii we have 5…”when I was your age, sonny, I had to WALK to the tv to turn the channel….”) Five is a wonderful age. I hope you and she both have a great year! (and btw, until today I had yet to meet another woman who had a longer labor than mine (29 hours, 16 unmedicated)! Seems like an eternity ago, eh…)

  20. Oh man, I am WAY behind. So sorry. Hope your beautiful girl had a great 5th birthday!

  21. Oh my goodness. She sounds hilarious. And saving that last bite? And doling out stickers according to how they did? She will be an executive someday. Love it.

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