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October 18, 2011 at 10:04 am | Posted in Giggles, Photo Tuesday, Transylvania | 28 Comments
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“The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.”
— Robert Frost

Snow! Freshly fallen snow! Can you tell we’re not used to such cold-weather wonders? This weekend, we took my parents out to the Iara Valley, one of our favorite places in Romania. We drove up a very narrow, twisty road to have lunch at Băişoara, a popular ski area, and were treated to our first Romanian snowfall. Our shoes were inadequate, our gloves too thin, and our long underwear nonexistent. But the flakes were worth it — somehow, they seemed fatter, fluffier, and more beautiful than American snowflakes. We’ve clearly got a lot of shopping to do before the “real” winter arrives, but this first dusting was, well, magical.

Have you had your first snow yet? What do we need to stay warm? And have you ever seen a horsecart and a satellite dish in such close proximity?


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  1. I love fall. Winter? Notsomuch, although your snowy pictures are beautiful, and I didn’t even notice the horse-and-cart with satellite juxtaposition until you pointed it out. Funny.

    We don’t usually get snow here in southern Ohio til December or January, which is ohsofine with me.

    Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your parents’ visit!

  2. no snow here in Canada yet, it’s been as high as 29C in the last 2wks. Crazy.

  3. Lovely pictures, but ohmygod I’m not ready for weather like that!

  4. Stacia, it sounds magical…I love the pictures!

  5. SNOW! I miss snow falling. Not enough to move for it, but still. It is magical. I loved the fat flakes that would drift down like they got a choice about where to land.

  6. I am so not ready for snow!!!!

  7. Goodness! It hasn’t snowed here, yet, and I’m hoping it holds off another month. While I can appreciate the beauty of snow, the inconvenience of it is off putting to say the least. My children on the other hand can’t wait!!

  8. Oh my goodness! They’re like photos straight out of a holiday greeting card! Your kids must be loving this. We’re still in sandals and shorts over here 🙂 Winter feels like an eternity away. I’m fine with that but I know my son would do anything to see snow! Enjoy!

  9. Love the first dusting.
    It is the snow 6 months later that I don’t like so much.
    But your pictures are so awesome that I think I want snow now….
    So beauitiful

  10. I love that first shot. No snow here. Ever. But we can drive up two hours north and see some white brilliance.

  11. These photos are absolutely glorious!! You remind me to be excited for what is headed my Canadian way.

  12. Those countryside pics are beautiful!!

  13. Brr… Great shots!I love that first shot.

  14. Beautiful pics, I love that one of the glove! We had some snow here in BG on Sunday, I am so not ready for old man winter yet…

  15. That glove on the swing is just so… surreal. It’s kinda creepy. But it made me laugh too.

    Great shots, hon. x

  16. Oh my goodness! I love your photos! And wow! Snow! These are all delightful!

  17. Beautiful! We had our first snowfall yesterday… mixed with rain, not so beautiful, and it didn’t stay — thank God! Not ready for it yet. But yours is part of your adventure, and so lovely, I almost envy that. Almost.

  18. Oh wow…snow! I love the photo of the mitten stuck to the tire swing.

  19. i want to be there! i’m ready for some coats and hats and scarves…. and I so love that frost poem.

  20. Your pictures are stunning and your post content is beautiful – poetic, informative, fun! I love getting a tiny taste, lovely taste of Romania.

  21. These photos are absolutely breathtaking. And look very cold, brrrr.

  22. Gorgeous photos, Stacia!
    And happy birthday to the princess! See you at the pink convention someday, 🙂

  23. These pictures are breathtaking! The first one really did give me pause.

    There’s not apt to be snow here, but I was thrilled yesterday when Li’l D said, “Snowy mountains!” I love learning what all he is learning. ♥

  24. Snow…and I thought it was getting cold here! Love the first picture it is magical.


  25. Stacia! These pictures took my breath away. They’re so otherworldly. Although can I admit that the last picture creeped me out a bit? So haunting… So Halloween 🙂

  26. Those are beautiful photos. I feel like I’m looking at postcards. I do think I’ll stick with my sunshine for a little bit longer. But even so, it does sound wonderful.

  27. Snow already, I can’t even imagine! I love your pictures! The still horse shot is probably my favorite… wait I just went back to look at them and I didn’t even see the handless mitten holding the tire swing… just awesome!


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