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October 26, 2011 at 12:53 pm | Posted in Bun, Photo Tuesday | 20 Comments
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“A child is a curly dimpled lunatic.” β€” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love the way my youngest looks at the world. Theories are meant to be tested, particularly those involving gravity and displacement. Fun is everywhere, including the trash can and the dog bowl. Toys and snacks are for sharing … unless they are a certain blue truck or a handful of M&Ms. And flaunting your footed pajamas, golden curls, and four-toothed smile will get you exactly what you want. He’s a smart kid. And he’s cuter than a basket of puppies. No wonder I fall for him over and over again every day.

What rules do your children live by? How do you resist their cuteness? And are you a sucker for footed jammies, too?


See more babies and other cute stuff at Beth’s on Thursday.




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  1. Love this! I can’t believe how big he’s getting. Am so sorry I haven’t been around in a while. Hope all is going well for you. x

  2. My two-year-old has been testing the limits by seeing what I’m willing to let him jump off of. He climbs and says, “Don’t say no, okay, Mommy?” I love his curiosity, but he gives me heart palpitations about a dozen times a day.

    His little feet get too hot and steamy for footed jammies, but he has a set of fleece dinosaur jammies that make me want to snuggle him all day long.

  3. So much color! These capture your vibrant little one perfectly. I love footed jammies. Unfortunately, my kids are getting too big for them.

  4. Love the pics. And the blond curls.

    Gabe was an adorable baby and is still a darn cute boy. It saves his life on a daily basis; that boy is ornery!

  5. Totally freakin’ cute. Love the hair (just like everyone said). Also loved footie PJs. Brings back good memories.

  6. So cute! Love the first and last ones. The little feet. Aww. πŸ™‚
    Footie PJs are the best — although our 3 year old is currently in a phase where she’s not a fan lol. Oh well, winter will soon be here and then she’ll likely change her mind about that! πŸ˜‰

  7. I love the quote! and the photos. Your post describes my child too. I’m amazed at how happy the world is to them, how full of possibilities it is, how much fun is to be had. I could use a little of that!

  8. Footed jammies are definitely cute but, oh, those little feet and the blue truck – they take the cake! I love these photos!

  9. Ha! I love that quote. And I love all the cute toes, hands and fun activities. Cute pictures, indeed!

  10. Those tiny toes just make me melt!

  11. i love footed pajamas…but, those little feet are too cute!

  12. love the photo of the little one in the bucket!

  13. Those bare toes and baby fingers are adorable!

  14. good times. I know you will look back on these little details someday and smile!

  15. So adorable I love the way you capture these pictures!

  16. Footed jammies are the best! I actually found some on the Lands End website in big kid sizes that I’m considering ordering for Munchie. I can’t decide if it would be adorable or ridiculous. Probably both.

  17. All the colors in these pics bring a smile to my face. So much beauty in such simplicity.

  18. Oh, yes, footed pajammies. And overalls. Would dress that baby boy of mine in one or the other every day until he’s ten (okay, thirty) if he’d let me. Dimpled lunatic. Yes, there is something maniacal about the way mine investigates, now that I think of it. And wonderful. I just wish a little less of my day was spent saying “no” to get him out of the messier of the investigations…

  19. My kid has footed jammies on as we speak. There are so many colors in these pictures – perfect for the child’s little world.

  20. I love the bare feet. Nothing cuter than little toes πŸ˜‰ Issy is currently working on the smile and climb technique… you know we keep saying ‘No’, then she gives us the smile and continues to try and climb…up the stairs…on the fireplace…up the dishwasher…in the tupperware cabinet… need I say more… It is so hard to resist that big cheese. I am still glad she lets me shower her with kisses, when this ends I don’t know what I am going to do!

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