The Witching Hour

October 31, 2011 at 12:58 pm | Posted in Bun, Transylvania | 14 Comments
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There’s a brief, brief period each day when I’m alone with Bun. After the nanny leaves for her evening college class. Before my husband gets home with Giggles and Lollipop.

It’s never more than an hour. But let me tell you, it’s the longest hour ever.

It usually goes like this: Bun runs from one end of the apartment to the other. He makes mischief. I hop along behind him on my crutches,Ā  knowing I can’t possibly prevent his shenanigans and attempting merely to keep him from doing bodily harm. To himself. And to me, what with all the blocks, trains, and breath mints he tosses in his wake.

I sweat and pant. He cackles. We do it all again.

Last week’s tomfoolery included the following:

1. Dumping cinnamon Listerine all over the bathroom floor.
2. Emptying the potato bin and distributing the spuds around the apartment.
3. Running down the hall wielding a pizza slicer.
4. Lobbing handfuls of dog food in the foyer.
5. Digging petrified Cheerios out from under the couch. And eating them.
6. Rearranging the icons on my task bar.
7. Stealing my crutch and leaving me stranded at the kitchen sink.
8. Poking the dog in the eye.
9. Dismantling my nesting measuring cups.
10. Removing his brother’s socks from their drawer. Then removing the drawer from its hinges.
11. Rearranging the dining room chairs.
12. Poking the dog in the other eye.
13. Putting two green Legos in the freezer.

Tell me there’s been a full moon. There was, right? Last week was for tricks; this week is for treats? Right??

Do your kids have a witching hour? Does the phase of the moon affect them? Care to share some of their shenanigans?


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  1. Oh, that sounds crazy-making. There’s no one room you can gate him in? Poor mama!
    My kids seem to save their worst behavior for right before bed. (Well, not Michael. Michael’s a pretty easy going little guy. When he gets tired, he’ll cry good and hard, but a bath, bottle, and bed puts him to rights.) My girls will wind themselves up when I’m trying to wind them down. I’m working on deep breathing ā€” for all of us.

  2. Now that’s one crazy hour – he must be in fabulous shape!

  3. Aww sounds like Bun’s been busy helping with your physical therapy, although it’s more physical, less therapy šŸ™‚ Yes, there’s definitely a witching hour at our house, except I can never tell when that is. A surprise mostly – and not in a good way. Sigh…

  4. Poor mama! This story reminds me of my third trimester of my second pregnancy. I had terrible sciatica and was supposed to stay seated with my feet elevated – a plan that didn’t seem to mesh with the ambitions of my then 20 month old son. (Your list of tomfoolery sounds quite familiar.) Maybe doctor’s orders need to come with 24 hour/day childcare? šŸ™‚

    Thinking of you, my wounded friend.

  5. Ha ha ha! I mean… I’m sorry, that sounds very challenging.. hahahaha….

  6. I don’t have kids, but there is still a witching hour at my house. It’s about 30-45 mins after I get home from work. If I choose to relax for a bit and am not putting on my running shoes instead, the exaggerated yawns and little whines begin. That is then followed by an unceasing squeaky toy in my lap.

  7. The running away with the pizza cutter brought back the memory of my 18 month old grabbing my huge chef’s knife off the kitchen counter. It was an age when it was “come mama and chase me” only this time there was no way I was going to give chase! I practiced some tomfoolery myself and managed to get the knife back before anyone got hurt.

    How much longer on crutches?

  8. haha! funny! and while I have never had a broken leg, I kinda feel like I’ve been there!! Aaron was exactly the same way, all day long! and I had baby Sammy to nurse, so I (kinda) get it. At least he is very healthy with lots and lots of energy, right? I hope your leg is completely healed very very very soon.

  9. OMG – Bun runs? Wasn’t he just born?
    Sounds like a toddler boy I once knew…and oh how I miss him. (he’s still here, just a big 6-year old).

  10. Poor mama! šŸ™‚ Hope you feel better soon!

  11. It is like he is saving it just FOR that hour….how special… šŸ˜‰

  12. I bet he enjoys making mama sweat. Could you throw him in the tub? When I need some extended peace, I toss my kiddo in a warm tub full of toys. She’d stay in there all day if I let her!

    • That, my friend, is an excellent idea. The hard part will be dragging a chair into the bathroom so I can sit and watch him, but after that, he will be still. I will be still. Life will be still. All will be well!

  13. Hey lady, I am just catching up with all your posts. This one sounds so similar to me, except I have never been on crutches. Can’t you just corral him into a small area fenced in with some kind of gadgets? : )

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