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“Besides the autumn poets sing,
A few prosaic days
A little this side of the snow
And that side of the haze.”
— Emily Dickinson

It’s still fall according to the stars, but we’re on the cusp of winter here in Romania. Just this side of the snow. We wake up to frost on the windshield. Sheets come off the drying line smelling like they’ve been hung in a chimney. The crock pot beckons, and the hunt for long underwear continues. Mostly, we shuffle around in our pajamas, pausing on the tile right in front of the kitchen sink, which is magically warmer than all the others. Or we bake for a while at the sunniest window until the heat soaks through our flannel and terry cloth. Every once in a while, we venture out to the playground and come home with our pockets full of walnuts and crunchy, yellow leaves that the washing machine turns into confetti. And we whisper words like “sled” and “carrot nose” to each other, wondering how much longer fall can possibly hold on.

Is it the season it’s supposed to be where you are? Do you have your eye on the sled? And what’s the strangest thing that’s been through your washing machine lately?


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  1. We got our first bit of snow on Sunday night. And I was mostly okay with it. We’ve had a beautiful fall and i’m ready for pink cheeks and hot chocolate and hot steamy bathtubs.
    And please don’t ask me about what’s been through my washing machine! A Kleenex found it’s way in there somehow yesterday (the black load) and I had Kleenex flakes on

  2. As always, you are knocking it out of the park with your writing and your photography!! Please tell me how you have learned to take such gorgeous photos? The one where the mountains meet the fields and there is that house/church/castle is blowing my mind.

  3. Ehhhh…. Carrot nose…..


  4. How lovely you make it all sound! I am sure it is, of course.

    And, yes, the season has changed here too. Apparently, the Midwest is one of storms during the Fall, and we have had our share.

  5. I am oohing and ahhing over your gorgeous photos, as well! LOVE footed pajamas on little ones…so stinking cute!

    It was 70 degrees and sunny here yesterday, with the fall colors shining from the trees and the blue sky so bright it makes snow seem like a fairy-tale. I’m NOT ready for the sled yet, but Gabe sure is.

    As for the washing machine, I found a handful of toothpicks this week. Seriously, like 20 of them. Pretty sure one of my kids has a toothpick-fetish that we clearly need to discuss.

  6. Romania is breathtaking, Stacia. However, I love that no matter where you are, there are still little ones in footed pajamas pausing in a beam of warm sun. You are my everywoman.

  7. Virginia’s on the cusp of winter too – which makes me sad, as I love fall so much. And I love your photos, they so clearly convey the beauty of the season!

  8. I love that footie pajama photo. Oh, the littlest feet!

    It has been unseasonably warm here (in the mid-60s), and I’m not complaining. I’m hoping for some sun this weekend so the kids can run around outside. The light at night — the sun setting at 5:30 p.m. — is throwing me off. I am wishing for quieter evenings, but my middle child doesn’t do “quiet” well! God bless her. 🙂

  9. That last photo with the footie pjs? Positively precious!

  10. Love the photo of the bridge. So beautiful… Glad you are enjoying your fall there.

  11. Beautiful pics. The third pic is breathtaking.

  12. Love the pictures! (And that precious little tummy!)


  13. That last picture is divine.

  14. it just snowed here for the first time this year. i am so so so ready.

  15. Fall in Northern California (where I am) is just now showing its face, though it is right on time considering we usually don’t see snow in the Winter. The area you live in looks beautiful, as are your pictures. I love the third one with the water and the staircase. So glad I visited your site today.

  16. Oh yeah, we’ve already had snow. Weird, isn’t it? I love the image of walnuts. And I can totally picture your kitchen. Well, not picture it exactly, but the feeling of it, the way the light looks and how the terry feels… I love peaceful sunny cold days. 🙂

  17. Wow. I want to print out and frame the bridge picture. The colors are perfection. So pretty! I love all the pictures, actually. Let me know if you make the pumpkin nutella muffins- they are so easy, and soooo devine 🙂

  18. Those photos are beautiful! Great job!

  19. Love those shots!

  20. What a beautiful country you live in!

  21. I gasped at that first photo. And then the leaf too. Small things…that’s what gets me.
    “come home with our pockets full of walnuts and crunchy, yellow leaves that the washing machine turns into confetti.” and this? it’s as delicious as the photo.

    Life turns into confetti when we interact with it. We don’t need to bring it home because it becomes part of us. Our skin has absorbed autumn and the walnuts. The sound of crunchy leaves finds its way into the folds of our ears and we grow roots into the earth.

    I’m so glad that even as you hobble you find a way to let Romania under your skin.

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