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“I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.” — Thomas A. Edison

Fun for the five-and-under crowd in Romania is much the same as in the States. Trains, trucks, tea parties, dress-up, craft projects, afternoons at the playground, leaf-hunting and rock-gathering, snacks in front of the television, stickers on Every. Single. Thing … We do it all, no matter what side of the Atlantic we’re on. But there’s more to it. We set up the train tracks our Romanian friend gave us. We improvise our way through art projects, coming up with creative substitutions for googly eyes, construction paper, and pipe cleaners. We eat our Barni cake and Tedi juice while we watch British cartoons like “Brambly Hedge” and “Tiny Planets.” It’s, quite literally, a world away from what we’re used to. But fun is fun, no matter where you are. Or, in our case, fun is distracţie.

How do you and your kids have fun? Have you ever watched a foreign cartoon? And how would you get by without googly eyes??


Fluffy Bunnies in Romania:
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See more fun at Beth’s on Thursday.




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  1. Fun is fun, for sure. As are your photos. They’re always so bright and vibrant.

  2. Foreign fun gives some of the best memories. Googly eyes… lots of ideas, I’m sure. Love having to improvise! 😀

  3. Oh. My. Goodness! The colors in Lollipop’s hair! I pay tons of money for streaks not nearly that gorgeous!

  4. Fun is universal. And that last pic is something my daughter loves to do. Anytime, anyplace – painting nails is a must!

  5. Love that picture of the lone cup. Little Miss got kids’ nail polish as a birthday gift and I think it’s the same shade as Lollipop’s.

    You’re right – fun is the same (ish) no matter where you go.

  6. Wow. Beautiful pictures! I love the hazey/blurry-ness you’re experimenting with here. Success!

  7. This reminds me that I used all of our googly eyes at Halloween. Need to go buy some more! 😉

    Glad you all are having fun!!

  8. I dont comment nearly as much as I should – but I really enjoy reading about your adventures over there!! Glad you are having fun! 🙂

  9. Google eyes—of course!!!! 🙂 We have all sorts of different ways to have fun…right now it’s Christmas lists, basketball and coloring.

  10. I love your fun post showing fun pictures of fun things to do half a world away. What an experience and how awesome that you share it with us! Great post!

  11. Those stickers sure do seem to find their way onto everything!

  12. Wow, these pictures are amazing!

    I think your kids have the best of both worlds – living in another country, they get to learn about a whole new world of fun!

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